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Every Design Tells a Story: Liam Brazier

An interview with the famous Low-Poly Artist Liam Brazier.
Anna D'Addario

Introducing Vectornator X5.

Vectornator X5 gives you a huge performance boost with 50+ fixes and improvements to your favorite tools. Available now on the App Store.
Vladimir Danila

Unsplash & Auto Trace

Turn Unsplash photos into vector digital art pieces with the Vectornator Auto Trace.
Anna D'Addario

Sometimes blue is

Discover this year's Pantone Color and inspiring ideas around it!
Himanshu Bharadwaj

Introducing Vectornator X4

Introducing Vectornator X4. Download the latest update to work with brushes, Sketch Import, Time-Lapse Export and more.
The Team

All New Artboard UX

Our vision for the future of our software continues with improvements for the Artboard UX. Coming soon with Vectornator X4.
Anna D'Addario

Undo History

An unlimited Undo History that will revolutionize your design process with Vectornator.
Anna D'Addario


Time-Lapse Video Export will be out soon in Vectornator X4.
Anna D'Addario

Vectornator & Unsplash

Unsplash Integration coming soon to Vectornator X4. Ready to import?
Igor Viveiros


Bringing Vector Brushes to Vectornator. Coming soon with X4.
Ralph Theodori

Vectornator & Sketch

Why we bring you the Sketch Import to Vectornator. Coming soon with X4.
Vladimir Danila

How to explain technical data in a simple and beautiful way?

Knowing how to explain technical data in a simple and beautiful way is a must-have for the marketing of the future. Come see why!
Raphael Pires

The Value of Learning Basic Coding as a UX Designer

Do UX Designers need to learn code? Read our answer and discover the possibilities by learning basic coding!
Jiesi Huang

Performance Improvements on Mac

Performance Improvements on Vectornator Pro for Mac with X3.9 Update.
Anna D'Addario

Vectornator & Figma

Experience Figma Import in Vectornator with X3.9.
Vladimir Danila

Illustration Trends You Need To Know In 2020

Discover the hottest illustration trends of 2020. Get inspired by the new designs and ideas.
Vikas Sharma

Vectornator X3.4: Fixes & Improvements

A Smooth Sailing Design Experience - Version 3.3.4 Is Here!
Vishal Sharma

Famous Graphic Designers In 2020

Discover the most famous graphic designers in 2020. Get inspired by their unique work.
Vikas Sharma

This Design Agency Is Using Vectornator To Make Money

Check out our interview with the digital product agency Lama Art Lab based in the USA/Ukraine and how they make money with Vectornator.
Sorin Cuzeac

The 7 Best Graphic Design Books to Read in 2020

Discover our 7 best graphic design books to read in 2020!
Vikas Sharma

iMac at 22: How Design Drives Success

On the iMacs 22nd anniversary, discover the must-know principles behind the success of one of Apple’s greatest products.
Vikas Sharma

Create a Color Palette

Discover how to create a color palette in Vectornator for your illustrations and designs.
Anna D'Addario

6 Design Challenges For You And Your Team

Design challenges and fun activities to boost your team's creativity! Read here
Vikas Sharma

What is The Golden Ratio?

Design following the Fibonacci Sequence. What is the Golden Ratio and how to apply it.
Vikas Sharma

Overcoming Creative Block

In this article you will learn what a creative block is and how to overcome it.
Vikas Sharma

Vectornator Update: X3 on macOS

Vectornator X3 update now available also on the macOS which includes features like the light theme, better guides and a more robust saving system.
The Team

Vectornator Update: X3

Discover our X3 Update with his huge changes and improvements to Vectornator.
The Team

This Amazing Designer Teaches Vectornator Online

Meet the Russian designer Alyona Kaznacheeva in our new interview. Discover the story behind her online graphic design platform “Draw It School”.
Anna D'Addario

Design Quotes That Will Inspire You

The Top 10 Design Quotes from Iconic Designers, Business People and Artists all in one place!
Vishal Sharma

Meet Vectornator Mini: Graphic Design on Apple Watch.

Design more with less space.
Ralph Theodori

The Absolute Must-Know UI Trends For 2020

UI Trends are more important than ever today. Get ahead of the competition by using these 7 innovative trends that are set to dominate this year. Read on!
Vishal Sharma

Creative Tips To Cure Your Quarantine Boredom

These fun and creative tips will keep you company during the quarantine boredom caused by the Coronavirus lockdown in 2020.
Ralph Theodori

19-year-old Syrian battled war with designs

Asaad started learning how to design using just his iPhone and Vectornator in war-torn Syria. Now, he's a professional Graphic Designer in Aleppo.
Vishal Sharma

Vectornator X.2 Update

Discover Vectornator X.2 including awesome new features like the isometric grid, rulers and our brand new achievement system. Download the update now!
The Team

Nostalgic Design Trends of the past

These are the most memorable Design Trends that we miss from the past. For better or for worse, they captured our hearts despite how weird they seem now!
Vishal Sharma

17 Inspiring Design Websites in 2020

Discover awesome graphic design websites which will boost your creativity, help you while designing and will inspire you overall!
Vishal Sharma

The Pen Tool

Learn about how the Pen Tool works in Vectornator. In this tutorial blog, you will find answers to questions you have regarding this powerful tool.
Anna D'Addario

Top Design Capitals of the World

The most exciting Design Cities of 2020. These are the Graphic Design Capitals of the world where illustrators, UX/UI designers and freelancers thrive.
Vishal Sharma

Icons in Design: Jony Ive

Jony Ive is an icon to designers. This piece explores his contributions in shaping Apple and helping it become what it is today.
Vishal Sharma

5 New Design Tools that you need in 2020

We evaluate several emerging graphic design tools in the UX/UI/design industry that are shaking things up in this early 2020.
Vishal Sharma

Why every design needs to be done in vector

It’s time to learn why you need a vector-based brand logo. Take your organization to the next level by upgrading to a vector brand logo.
Vishal Sharma

A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer

Ever wondered what Graphic Designers do all day? Here's the typical day in the life of a graphic designer in the Vectornator Team.
Vishal Sharma

Dear Clients: Read this. Love, Designers.

An open letter to our "Dear Design Clients", including tips that will help you communicate and work better with us creative people.
Ralph Theodori

Jump into the Creative Mind of Will Paterson

An in-depth interview with the YouTube’s designer: Will Paterson. His creative life, career and inspiration.
Anna D'Addario

7 Important UI Design Tips

UI design is the process of making interfaces in software with a focus on looks and style. Discover these important UI design tips!

Vectornator's Best Designs of 2019

Best Designs 2019: Our team searched through lots of amazing pieces made with Vectornator and picked our favorite designs for this past year.
Ralph Theodori

Design Trends 2020: Outside the box

Welcome to 2020, the dawn of the new decade. Get ready for Internet culture, funny memes and rule-breaking catchy designs to dominate this year.
Ralph Theodori

Vectornator Rewind: 2019

Vectornator Rewind: Let's rewind all the great moments of the last 365 days of 2019 and look at what we have stored for 2020.
Vladimir Danila

Vectornator Pro: New & Improved

Vectornator Pro Update: Our users come always first. We want to ensure that Vectornator always remains a world-class product that meets your needs.

Girl Power and Colors

MEET THE ARTIST: Maddy Zoli. Her mission to represent women in all of their multidimensional power in today’s frenetic world. Read our interview!
Anna D'Addario

Vectornator Pro: Fixes and Improvements 3.1.9

Our users come always first. We want to ensure that Vectornator always remains a world-class product that meets your needs.

Say Hello to Vectornator Pro for Mac!

The successful graphic design software Vectornator finally arrives on your Mac. Create beautiful designs, illustrations and layouts.

Bonjour Paris!

Aurore Bay is a french designer who creates beautiful art made with Vectornator. Read our full interview with her and discover her outstanding illustrations
Anna D'Addario

A Glimpse into Our Mind

The reason why a vector graphic design software company for mobile devices decided to develop a Mac version.
Richard Würl

What are Vector Graphics?

Learn more about Vector Graphics in our short and beginner-friendly article. Discover the opportunities for your designs when using vector drawing.
Timur Köklü

Vectornator Pro on Mac

Discover in this Article Vectornator Pro for macOS Catalina with his new user interface and refined user experience. Coming soon on your Mac.

Vectornator X

Check out Vectornator X which brings: ✓New features ✓New tools ✓a better user experience ➤ Auto Trace which is an unique feature to vectorize an image

Meet Scott Smoker

Scott Smoker is a freelance illustrator and lettering artist. ➤ Check out our Interview with him about his start as a designer
Anna D'Addario

Design a T-shirt with Vectornator

Vectornator is the perfect tool to design a cool but also profitable T-shirt design. ➤ Learn how to use Vectornator for T-Shirt designs ➤Upload & earn money

The Beauty of Combining Design Tools

How to combine the design tools Vectornator and iOrnament ➤ Learn how to unleash the power of symmetric patterns and vivid vectors ➤Create Business Cards
Anna D'Addario

“MerMay” Tutorial

Marta quickly became of the most active members of the Vectornator community. In this tutorial, you will get to know more about her works.
Anna D'Addario

Vectornator Rewind: 2018

Read our Vectornator 2018 yearly-wrap-up: ➤ Where did we come from? ➤ Our decision to make Vectornator free of charge. ➤ And your vision.
Vladimir Danila