Design Trends 2020: Outside the box

Design Trends 2020: Outside the box

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Welcome to 2020, the dawn of the new decade and us designers need to stay on top of the latest design trends and be ready to adapt and evolve our style through time.These are design trends curated for you by our Vectornator designers:

Create The Trend, Don't Follow It.

First tip, make sure to always be authentic to your style and art in your creations; don't let any design trend distract your inner artist from creating what's in your head.After all, rules are meant to be broken, so do not consider these trends as a necessity. As 2020 signals a new decade, we can expect designers to start exploring new areas in design, breaking rules and reaching new grounds. Here is what we think the main trend will be in 2020: Thinking outside the box.


The Future Is Now.

Although it feels like 2015 was just yesterday, and despite how hard it is to believe, we are now is 2020. Designers can utilize the future is now theme and leverage forward thinking, complex designs to signal to their audience that: "The future is finally here".

For example: 3D designs, material rendering, purposeful 3D animations are all going to be big trends this year. This will depict real life materials and objects in your art. And there's nothing that screams future more than realistic materials, liquids, fabrics, and crazy renders that are incredibly easy on the eye and aesthetically pleasing."This is the year where 3D objects will be stamped everywhere onto our 2D designs"

design trends 2020
Fendi Hypnoshine eyewear campaign by Ditroit Studio


With less time spent looking at images on average everyday, new design trends aim to catch the user's attention instantly. Therefore, designs need to be more straightforward and eye-catching for their users.

With that in mind, hero images will again be present this year. Humans decode images faster than text and this will help direct the user's short attention span to what's important. It can also highlight and direct users to call to action buttons and increase overall engagement. With hero images in the spotlight again, digital illustrations will be more popular than ever.

So get Vectornator X on your iPad and prepare to draw a lot of beautiful, modern illustrations for your next website or design project to catch eyes and get the retention you need.

graphic design trends 2020
Source: Uran, Zak Steele-Eklund, Gal Shir, Tubik

Influenced by Culture

To be more specific, Internet culture. Yes, Internet culture will impact design this year. Your design decisions and next poster idea need to consider the current internet environment and see what's trending.

The rise of memes surely became a worldwide staple and many industries have jumped on the hype train and used Internet (meme) culture to their own benefit. The concept of meme advertising has already been adopted by many brands across the internet. With each brand Twitter account tweeting memes that get far more interaction than a regular ad or post they used to make. For example, Elon Musk's or Netflix Twitter account use memes to promote and push their social influence even further.

Memes can certainly be a designer's nightmare as most of them break so many design rules that make my eyes burn. Yes. They are cheap, streamlined and fast to make. However, these meme formats, the typography, and imagery got so familiar that it will start influencing today's design.

banana cattelan as a design-trend in 2020
The artist Maurizio Cattelan taped Bananas to a wall at Art Basel Miami Beach and sold them for $120,000 each.

So go ahead and duck-tape a banana to a wall and you got yourself a new poster for your next art gallery.

With that, we predict fast, meme-inspired designs to start showing up in 2020 as they have proven to be effective in marketing. This also means that design trends will be fast, and ever-changing every few weeks. As most memes have short life spans than regular design trends.

Last year, Internet culture made its way to fashion design and dominated fashion week and it's only a matter of time for memes to take over graphic design culture.

meme fashion as onne of the design-trends-2020
Source: @Itsmaymemes

Black Is The New Black

Dark themes started to prevail right after software companies started adapting dark UI modes last year, with Apple iOS 13, macOS Mojave, and Google Android 10, most software platforms have joined the dark side. Giving the user the option to choose which side to take. Adaptive lighting modes started trending last year. But now with iOS 13, expect dark-mode to be a default thing to include in your next user interface design.

graphic design trends 2020
Source: Shakuro

Bezels Be Gone!

Evolution in hardware can be the main factor in software evolution. If we look at the progress and product design trends of devices released in the past year, we notice that most phones have lost their borders and thick bezels.

iPhones have no buttons anymore and Android phones even lost the notch with cameras that pop up from behind. Apple's new 16-inch MacBook Pro gets one inch closer to a full-screen design by shredding the bezels and increasing screen real estate. As a result, on screen device designs and mockups should move towards full-screen smartphones that are bezel-free, edge to edge and future-looking. Hiding these borders and visuals like the notch will put more focus on the interface that is presented in the mockup and will have a cleaner, more minimal look.

bezel free
Source: Ben Geskin

.....And this concludes our small list of design trends that we think you should consider following or checking out in 2020!

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