How to Create an Etsy Cover in Vectornator

How to Create an Etsy Cover in Vectornator

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One of the most important parts of an effective Etsy store is a good cover image. It's your header; the first thing that people see when they open your store, so you need to make sure that you're creating a good first impression.

But what if you're not familiar with graphic design, and you don't know where to start?

You're in luck! You don't need any kind of fancy Etsy banner maker software. In this article, we'll show you exactly how to make an amazing Etsy shop banner using Vectornator.

How to Make an Etsy Shop Banner

First, you'll need to know what size to make your custom Etsy banner. In our Etsy Size Guide, here, you can find a more detailed description of all the image sizes you'll need in order to customize your Etsy business page with your own branded content, including the correct Etsy banner size.

But the important one for today is the Etsy cover photo size: 3360 × 840 px. This is a big banner image, but Vectornator makes it easy! Just use our premade Etsy Banner template when creating your new document, and the dimensions will be aligned perfectly.

What Should My Etsy Banner Look Like?

Your shop cover should be a reflection of your shop's brand.

If you don't know what that is, take some time to brainstorm and figure it out! First, think about what kind of tone you want your brand to have. Whether you're selling stickers, clothes, or watercolor art, this is an important step.

Do you want your brand to be whimsical and friendly? Maybe a floral theme would be a good fit. Would you rather be more professional and serious? Consider using earth tones to ground your shop's brand.

Next, take your idea of what you want your brand to be and develop a color palette and choose fonts that support that vision of your brand.

Once you have a clear idea of what your brand should feel like, you'll be ready to make a lot of different things to support your marketing efforts, including your shop banner, shop icon, mini banner, business cards, and social media assets!

But how do you make one in Vectornator? Let's dive into the world of Etsy banner design. Here's a tutorial:

Step-by-Step Guide:

1 – First, open Vectornator. Then, tap the + button in Vectornator to create a new Document.

2 – Tap on the Etsy Cover template to open a document that is 3360 × 840 pixels, or use the Custom Size button to input the values manually.

3 – Use the Shape Tool to create a rectangle the same size as the canvas to use as background.

4 – Open the Layers tab and rename the layer with this rectangle as "Background." Then, lock it by pressing the Lock icon next to the layer name. This will make sure it isn't editable and stays in place.

5 – Tap the New Layer button to create a new layer.

6 – Next, import a photo from your personal photo collection or from our in-app Unsplash integration onto this new layer. This photo should strongly reflect your shop's brand.

Illustration by the artist Sarah Alice Rabbit.

7 – Now, lock the photo layer and create a new layer on top of this photo.

8 – Use the Text Tool to add the name of your shop, as well as any catchy text you might want to include, like a slogan.

9 – Feel free to get creative with your design, and to add shapes or other images!

10 – Finally, export your banner as an image in the .PNG or .JPG format. You can also easily use your design as a Facebook cover photo too!

You're done! Your Etsy Shop Banner is ready to be uploaded! Happy selling!

Don't forget to download Vectornator today to start creating your own vector graphic design projects!

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