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Let’s have a look at the number one spot for curated photography, Unsplash; and how easily you can leverage it while creating in Vectornator.

What is Unsplash

What do we want? Free high-quality photography. When do we want it? Now!

You got it. Have you heard of Unsplash? It’s like Shutterstock, but it’s free. Unsplash is a community of photographers who provide their high-resolution photography to the world to use, completely royalty-free. The website hosts over 1 million photos, each and every one curated by the Unsplash team to make sure only the best are released each day. It’s the number one spot for creators looking for images.

Art by Sarah Alice Rabbit

Why did we integrate Unsplash into Vectornator?

In order to help unleash the beast of your creative process, Vectonator harnesses the power of Unsplash to bring you an entire library of beautiful photography for free; fully-integrated into our platform.

Whether your work is personal or professional, these images are fully accessible to you for no cost. Yet, we strongly encourage you to give the artists a shout-out. We all know it’s rough out there, and photographers deserve recognition for their work too.

It’s all about the integration

Integrations need to work smoothly. Good thing ours does!

It’s so smooth that it will save you time from searching the web, trying to find the right image for your project, then cluttering your Downloads folder with yet another file that you’ll forget to delete or move to its rightful place.

Unsplash is available straight in the Vectornator App on all your devices - simply open the Library Popover (1) and go to Unsplash (B). A Search Bar will appear that will be your gateway to all the images you’ll ever need. It’s as simple as typing a keyword and hitting <key>Enter<key>.

Within milliseconds you’ll have anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of curated images to choose from. You don’t need even an Unsplash account. And you don’t need to leave Vectornator either.

Streamline your workflow and your efficiency will increase tenfold. If it reads like a fortune cookie, then it must be true.

How to use Unsplash

The first few steps we already covered.

First, you go to the Library Tab (top right of the screen), then to the Unsplash Tab, where a search bar appears. Once you’ve typed in your query and see the image results, you simply tap on an image to add it onto your artboard. Or you can drag and drop an image onto a specific place on your canvas.

From here, feel free to edit the image’s shape with masks, change its colors with the color picker, or vectorize the hell out of it with autotrace. You can find a play by play on how to do all of these things in our Learning Hub section we created just for you.

Any fine print?

Unsplash is completely free, which is amazing, but when it comes to using images that you did not create, or do not own, you should still stay mindful of a few things.

Unsplash is very similar to a Creative Commons license. Or CC0. An image that is published under CC0 carries a ‘No Rights Reserved’ designation and is free of copyright restrictions, and other restrictions like moral, publicity, and privacy rights. As a result, anyone can use and edit these images without restriction of copyright law.

Vectornator & Unsplash Terms of Use:

While you are not obligated to do these things, we strongly advise them:

If you use Unsplash for commercial use, make sure to edit the photo, or add more to it creatively. Otherwise, your design might be too similar to other brands.

Unsplash photos are non-revocable. But if a photographer decides to remove their work, it is good practice that you respect their wishes and refrain from using any of their images.

For more details on their general terms of use, refer to the Unsplash website.

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