Introducing Vectornator X5.

Introducing Vectornator X5.

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Hey Vectornators,

This past year, we’ve been delivering feature after feature as we are on a mission to create the most full-featured design and illustration tool in the Apple ecosystem.

Now it’s time for us to reflect, iterate, and improve Vectornator’s experience for every detail imaginable. As a small team, improving and polishing finer details takes a lot of time . That’s why we decided to do this in small steps over the course of the next months.

That said, we’re also starting a new initiative:

From now on, every major release will have a dedicated Public Beta version. We will invite you all to participate and collaborate with us on making the best design tool with zero bugs and zero crashes.

A New Beginning starts with Vectornator X5.

X5 is the beginning and we’re glad to bring more than 50+ fixes and improvements to Vectornator.

Let’s jump in and see what’s changed:


• The newest native Fonts Picker is now available and you can use all your custom fonts again.

• Recently picked fonts appear at the top of the Fonts Library List.

• Preset changes made in the Brush Editor are now saved.


• Dragging paths around is up to 4x faster.

• Marquee selecting paths is up to 10x faster.

• Fixed several memory leaks that caused a lot of crashes during long workflows.

• Document file size after changing the corner radius is 99% smaller.

• Improvements for displaying Artboard's dimensions.

• Several minor improvements in the Brushes Editor.

• Improved performance for documents with empty objects and when many elements are selected.

• The Dimensions label is now based on the active tool and when using the pen tool is turned off.

• The Time-lapse rendering will be now canceled in case of errors during frame generation.

• Improved corner radius undo/redo handling.


• Fonts installed through other apps now work in Vectornator on iOS14.

• Missing fonts interface is updated on iOS.

• All groups are now correctly rotated.

• The last artboard can’t be deleted anymore.

• Brushstroke size now follows the current document scale.

• Fixes for brushes minimum width.

• Fixed the odd Shift key (or 2nd finger) behavior when rotating/scaling using the Shape tool.

• Fixed the issue of incorrect rotation of blurred groups.

• Fixed a bug related to the corner radius when importing a Sketch file.

• Figma Import now also works on larger files.


• New document interface would sometimes crash.

• Time-lapse export sometimes crashed with text.

• Fixed crash when creating flat/horizontal contours in the Brush Editor.

• Fixed a crash regarding document closure.

• Fixed an extensive memory leak.

• Fixed the Photo Picker crash.

• Fixed crash when using the Text Tool.

• Fixed a crash regarding the Artboard's creation undo.


• Improved iOS14 Widgets: we fixed the Style Panel slider behavior and we now support Dark and Light themes. Several minor fixes regarding news descriptions and icons

• Time-lapse export is more reliable.

• Tweaked Onboarding experience.

• Undo history works for artboards.

• Show the HEX field for disabled colors.

• Changing corner radius no longer brings shape to the front.

• Saving indicator is now centered.

• Compass doesn’t crop numbers anymore.

• Interface is a bit larger to improve usability.

• Several interface fixes for artboard creations.

• Improved localization and animation and fixed the Learn More button alignment inside the Help Tooltip window.

Changes & Improvements on Vectornator Pro for Mac

• The Newsletter popup for first-time users will not show up anymore.

• The Newsletter popup window is only available in the Help menu.

• Fixed UI crash on Big Sur (ie, showing the alert view on a background thread).

• Fixed crash when opening specific VN documents using Big Sur.

What's next?

If there’s something that you think we could do better, let us know and we will try to implement it as soon as possible. Our Feedback Page is always open to accepting your wishes or you can contact us via email.

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