Artboards allow you to create several frames of your design without going back-and-forth across documents.

Artboards allow you to create several frames of your design without going back-and-forth across documents. In Vectornator, Artboards work similar to a layer with the main difference being that they are represented on the canvas as fixed frames where work happens.

Adding a new Artboard

In Vectornator there are 3 different ways to add a new artboard into your document. They are: by single tap, holding & draw, using a template.

To access these in the Artboard Panel, you need to initially tap the “Artboard” button inside the Layers Tab.

As soon as you tap the button, a suggestion box (1) will appear at the top center of the Canvas > “Tap or draw anywhere to create artboard”.

Adding a new Artboard by tapping

Once you have tapped the artboard icon, tap anywhere on the canvas. This will create a new artboard in the same size as the previous one.

Adding a new Artboard by drawing

With the Artboard Panel active, draw a new artboard by simply holding & dragging your finger/pencil/mouse anywhere on the canvas.

Adding a new Artboard using a Template

Inside the Layers Tab, you can access the Artboard Panel. In here you have:

A > The Search bar

B > The Document Templates List

To create a new artboard using a standard size, simply tap one of the templates. By scrolling this section you will find all the different template formats divided per: Devices, Resolutions, Paper Formats, Social Media, and Icons.

Note: You can’t create overlapped multiple artboards in Vectornator.

Selecting an Artboard

Any artboard can be selected by:

Tap the artboard’s borders or its title. Or Open the Layers Tab and tap on the Artboard’s name. The selected artboard will immediately be displayed.

Note: In Vectornator, it’s not yet possible to select more than one artboard at once.

Renaming an Artboard

You can rename any artboard anytime to your liking as you do for layers.

Navigate to the Layers Tab and tap on the artboard’s name to rename it to your choosing.

Deleting an Artboard

Swipe left on the Artboard title or name inside the Layers Tab and then tap the “Delete button”.

Moving the Artboard

To move the Artboard, and all the layers it contains, tap on the Artboard title in the canvas, and drag and drop it to where you would like to have it.

Switching between Artboard

You can quickly jump between Artboard by simply tapping on its title either on the canvas or in the Layers Tab.

Resizing the Artboard

Resizing your Artboard is simple. Select the Artboard you want to change and, from the Settings Tab (top left), tap on the Canvas Tab to edit the dimensions of your artboard.

You can also resize the board by holding and dragging the border till it suits your liking.

TIP: You can also switch between white or transparent background inside the Canvas Tab.

Moving elements between Artboard

Select the element on the given Artboard. Then, open and navigate the Layers Tab.

Finally, drag & drop from Artboard 1 to Artboard 2 to speed up your workflow.

Printing Artboards

You can also print your different artboards directly from Vectornator. Read more here.

Download the PDF version here.
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