The top Vectornator's Tools for selecting objects, drawing, and creating shapes or texts. They can speed up your workflow by giving you a way to easily edit the vector elements across your designs.

Selection Tool

Select and move paths.

Node (Direct Selection) Tool

Select, move, and edit anchor points.

Scissor Tool

Cuts existing paths.

Pen Tool

Create any path imaginable with Bezier curves

Pencil Tool

Draw freeform paths.

Brush Tool

Draw freeform paths with variable widths.

The brush tool is sensitive to the pressure and speed of the Apple Pencil.

Text Tool

Create text objects.

As soon as you select the tool from the Toolbar, the Text Panel will appear at the top of the Style Tab.

Learn more about the Text Options in Vectornator.

Shape Tool

Create shapes as straight lines, rectangles, circles, polygon, stars, spirals.

Eraser Tool

Delete the object along the path you drew, tap and drag on them to erase.

Hand Tool

Tap and drag to hover around the canvas.

Note: it only appears on iOS 13.4 and Mac.

Zoom Tool

Tap and drag up to zoom in and drag down to zoom out.

Note: it only appears on iOS 13.4 and Mac.

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