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April 30, 2020
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6 Design Challenges For You And Your Team

Try these challenges that help teams learn, grow and have fun!

Have you ever wondered what a workout for your brain might look like? We’ve all seen countless physical workout routines and know the benefits of exercising to your body and mind. But, what about a workout that is geared towards exercising your mind’s creativity for the workplace?

April 30, 2020
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In the creative industry, it can be very easy to fall prey to stagnation; producing the same work over and over again. Not being able to break a certain rhythm are some signs of this. It’s important to break free every once in a while.

That got our team of designers here at Vectornator thinking about fun ways to try new things and also share that experience with others. That's when we stumbled upon something very interesting: Design Challenges! Taking up creative design challenges is a great way to break the monotony, learn something new, build team spirit and most importantly, have fun!

Let’s take a look into some challenges you can explore with your team to help you get into the creative groove and find new sources of creativity!

Design Challenge #1: Visualize A Quote

Everyone has a certain quote that they remember and keep coming back to. It can be something that speaks to them on a personal level or something that drives their ambition in life.

A fun exercise to kick things off is asking your team to create some graphic design that goes along with the design quote of their choice. For non-designers, pen-and-paper or marker-and-whiteboard works fine or they could explore using a  graphic design software. Encouraging from designers always helps here.

Design Challenge #2: Make Your Avatar

‍Ever since they came out, Memoji by Apple have been all the rage. A customized avatar-emoji version of yourself puts a personalized spin on the already well liked Emojis. So why not take this a step further by posing the challenge of designing an avatar of yourself!

Whether it's a cartoon inspired or a more realistic vector-based design, it will get those creative juices flowing and result in some interesting ideas of how your teammates view themselves.

avatar vector
Little character illustrations made in Vectornator by @scarletcummins

Design Challenge #3: Design Your Mood Board

Once the individual avatars start to come to life, you can pose this challenge to your team and pair these newly made creations with their personalized mood board! A mood board visually captures elements of an individual’s personality and behaviour. A quirky spin on this challenge can be to ask teammates to design mood boards for their peers! This will bring out interesting ideas of what people prioritize about their peers and perhaps make for some lively conversations!

Moodboard by Alena

Design Challenge #4: Create a Photo Story

Using objects and toys that people often have on their desk, think up a story that those objects might be living out. Using any camera available to you, click a maximum of 5 pictures for your photo story by positioning these objects however you want. The trick in this challenge is to click your pictures as quickly as possible, otherwise the participants tend to get caught up in the minute details and lose the creative aim of the challenge.

Position your pictures accordingly and stick to vectors or visual depiction of the story progression. Avoid using words and sentences as you want the focus to be on the visuals and the story in the design.

For the non-designer participants, printing out the pictures and positioning them on a whiteboard works well too. The fast-pace of the challenge along with the conception of a small storyline is a sure way to tap your creativity!

Jon Howell for Twitch

Design Challenge #5: Old Object, But New Interface!

Take pictures of everyday objects around the office that typically are ignored. Now think of a hidden use or new interface for that object and draw it out on your picture! A belt that serves you periodic reminders to drink water? A swiss army knife that also plays music? Who knows what whacky ideas are floating about in your brain, and this exercise is a fun way of bringing them to life.

design challenges
Dribbble Swiss Knife For Playoff by Olivier Desmoulin

Design Challenge #6: Pictionary, With An Emoji Twist!

Our love for Emojis is never ending! Since everyone has got an Emoji keyboard in their smartphone, this one is easy for involving everyone in. In this fun challenge, participants can make use of creatively placed Emojis to depict popular movies, songs or actions and let the others guess the answers. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of it, some of these can be genuinely hard to figure out!

In Vectornator, you can easily create new emojis in a tap by using the Iconator.

Some of these challenges are easy for everyone to get involved in while some benefit with the use of a cool vector graphic software like Vectornator to help bring to life the creative end result. However all of these challenges are sure to wrack up the brain and get all kinds of creativity and fun going in the workspace.

Making such challenges a regular exercise not only helps in a creativity boost, but also helps in better morale and team-building amongst peers.

Cover Image by Jon Howell.

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