Undo History

Undo History

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Hey Vectornators!

Last week we teased the upcoming Time-lapse feature coming out with Vectornator X4.

This brought us to re-think the entire process history of your work in Vectornator.


Have you ever wanted to go back to the very initial path you placed in your document? Well, now it is possible with X4. You will be able to infinitely undo your actions and back in the history of your work by simply tapping on the undo button, using the cool two-finger tap gesture on iPad and iPhone or our beloved ⌘+Z shortcut.

Closed the document accidentally?

That’s something that happens pretty often in our everyday lives. Starting with X4 that’s something that will belong to the past. You’ll have access to your document history even after you closed the document.

Vectornator will record every action you’ll take inside your designs throughout many sessions, and without affecting your device performance.

Coming Soon

We are super excited for this new update and are looking forward to seeing you use it.

Our team is set on a mission to reimagine our entire product and to do that, we are listening to your feedback.

X4 is a big step for us as well as for you illustrators and interface designers.

Greetings from the Vectornator team!

– Anna

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