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Hey Vectornators!

I guess you were wondering when X4 will come out and – it’s coming very soon. Last week, we revealed that X4 is packed with amazing features such as Sketch Import, Brushes and Unsplash Integration!

Today, I’m super happy to reveal another major feature that has been on the “most-wanted” list for a while!

It’s Time to Travel Back

Nowadays, we share countless videos through social media, whether you create fun TikToks, play with filters on Snapchat or share the latest Reels & Stories on Instagram with your friends… Videos help you capture more of your moment.

With Time-Lapse, we want to help take the deep creation process that goes into your Art. With Vectornator X4 you will finally export your project process into a Time-Lapse video and share it online. All in a few simple taps!

So pack your things, and get ready to post all your awesome time-lapses online.

Capture the magic

When our team was set to build this feature in Vectornator, we were set on a tough journey full of bumps and zoom calls. What our team was able to achieve with Time-Lapse is indeed magical.

Our first focus was to ensure that Time-Lapse induces no workload on your memory or CPU and - Rest assured! Your drawing experience or performance won’t be affected at all.

In order to start a timelapse, you usually need to press the record button; right? Not this time! Time-lapse in Vectornator works without the need to hit record. After you finish your art piece, head into export and save your timelapse video. It’s that magical!

Did your iPad run out of battery? Closed your document? Your artwork is taking weeks to make? It’s okay. Charge your iPad and reopen your document, Your Time-lapse won’t be affected at all!

Rather than setting up a screen recording which requires you to stay in the software, we have come up with the idea to revolutionize entirely the history of your design process.

You will be able to preview your timelapse video directly inside Vectornator on both iPad and Mac and set some settings that suit you the most as Video Length and Speed.

The endless Zoom Calls

It was not easy to get wrapped up in the idea that this was an indispensable feature for the Summer 2020 and X4. We spent a lot of time in Zoom calls discussing the best solution we could give to you and being the first vector software to offer this popular feature.

And we think you will be excited to try this out as much as we are and see your videos everywhere in the net :)

Stay Tuned! The new feature list has not ended.

Greetings from the Vectornator team!

– Anna

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