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May 19, 2020
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May 19, 2020
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The field of graphic design has never looked better. Artists from around the world are all bringing something new and unique to the table, enriching our collective design conscience with their work.

While there are many legendary designers who have made a lasting contribution to this industry such as Sir Jonathan Ive, Rob Janoff (the Apple logo creator), Massimo Vignelli (creator of NY Subway signage) and more, much of their art is often confined to offline spaces that aren’t as instantly visible to us. If you’re looking for a micro-analysis of such classic pieces of graphic design, you can check out our blog post on the best graphic design books to get for them.

But if you’re looking for something more contemporary, like famous graphic designers blessing your daily feed with their amazing art and inspirations, here are some of the top people in the design field that you should follow right now.

Our first famous graphic designer: Stefan Sagmeister

No list is complete without mentioning the powerhouse duo behind Sagmeister & Walsh. Stefan has carefully curated his Instagram page to reflect diverse works of artists around the world. In contrast to his partner’s work, Sagmeister’s feed is notably minimal and explores more neutral colors in the designs.

He’s also authored “Things I have learned in my life so far” and “Beauty Book”, two books on graphic design you should definitely have in your graphic design reading list!

first famous graphic designer

Contemporary Graphic Design: Jessica Walsh

The other half of Sagmeister & Walsh, Jessica is arguably one of the most recognized names in the industry today. With Stefan Sagmeister moving on from commercial work, she’s now taken full charge of her creative agency and (in a bold move) rebranded to &Walsh.

This famous graphic designer’s portfolio is a treasure chest of works previous and current, with frequent updates to look forward to. Having worked with A-listers like Jay-Z and Levi’s, her works are heavily inspired from the retro, vibrant stylings of the 1950’s.

Contemporary famous Graphic Designer

Famous Typography Designer Neil Secretario

If you’re the type to get sucked into the deep end with your typography, then Neil is the man for you. With a profile that’s bursting with sophisticated and elegant type, you’re sure to find some typographical inspiration by following his Instagram profile.

Famous Typography Designer

Colorful Graphic Design Artist Mike Perry

Here’s a feed that is an absolute explosion of color, infused with psychedelic animation that will leave a lasting impression. You might recognize Perry’s graphic style from the title card animation of the popular Comedy Central sitcom “Broad City”.

With his hands in everything from animations to sculptures, books to public art installations opening up the avenues for his many international exhibitions, this is one to keep tabs on for the coming future.

Colorful Graphic Design

Famous Magazine Designers: Lauren Hom

Hom is the author of “Daily Dishonesty”, and the creator behind some amazingly quirky and colorful typography that fits right into your Instagram feed anyday. Her works have led to brands like TIME Magazine, Google and Starbucks all wanting her typographical wisdom in their campaigns.

She also likes to speak directly with her aspiring audience through her IGTV’s, giving mentorship themed bytes on getting started in this field and her experience in the industry.

Famous Magazine Designers

One of the best graphic designers for us as a vector-based software: Pavlov Visuals

We’ve got nothing but love for vector designs, and this group of designers are a must-follow. Their modern works with vector graphics range from sophisticated typography, to newspaper front pages, and even their unique takes on movie posters.

If you’re seeking sleek and modern vector works, this is the account for you.

best graphic designers

Outstanding Graphic Artist: Sam Larson

This graphic design artist takes his inspiration from the American West, pizza and road trips. For that all-American nostalgia inspired artwork, this is the profile you want to follow.

Larson uses carefully selected color palettes to create nature-themed designs that pop out from your feed.

Graphic Artist

Velvet Spectrum

Helmed by Luke Choice, this design studio is based out of Portland and embraces storytelling in its designs entirely. Their works are unapologetically colorful and cover multiple facets of design, illustration and typography with that unmistakable unique aesthetic.

With independent projects and collaborations with the likes of Nike, this is your go-to destination for a blend of color and quirk.


A feed that combines mesmerizing animation with everyday photography and the occasional humorous take. David Schwen’s studio has gathered designers who regularly put out fun-infused designs that aren’t afraid to experiment with bold colors, and are sure to put a smile on your face.

famous graphic designers gif
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If you’re looking to break the monotony of your Instagram feed to engage with content outside of your social media bubble, then these design profiles are sure to help with new ideas and inspiration on the daily.

Do you have any other ones that you follow? Make sure to let us know on our social media.

You want one day to become a famous graphic designer yourself? Then definitely check out. a graphic design course.

Cover Image by Aïshti's Under the Sea Campaign by Jessica Walsh & Stefan Sagmeister, edited in Vectornator.


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