Performance Improvements on Mac

Performance Improvements on Mac

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Here at Vectornator, we have always aimed to make high-performance graphic design software, no matter which device you prefer to use. Both the iOS and the macOS version are the core of our company and our development team worked hard to make yesterday's update ready for both the platforms.

With the X3.9 update, we massively improved the performance of Vectornator Pro (macOS) and made the interactions with the tools feel even more like Mac tools. The whole application is behaving much quicker and smoother than ever before.

We fixed the Layer Selection. Now, each selected element will properly highlight the layer or sub-layer inside the left Tab as well. And, you will be able to select the sublayers again.

We brought back the Lock/Unlock size button inside the Arrange Tab.

Then, we have fixed that annoying window resizing crash that was happening lately.

We also fixed a crash affecting some users after upgrading to a new Vectornator Pro version.

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Thank you for reading our Vectornator update announcement, we are excited for you to try this update.

‍Please feel free to give feedback, and share your design with us! We are always happy to connect with members of our community.

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