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Vectornator is an intuitive vector graphic design software that empowers you to design anything you can imagine. A new method for user interface design is now at your fingertips.
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User Interface Design in Any Format

Vectornator enables you to import your existing user experience and user interface projects over from Illustrator, Figma, and many other tools. Work in whatever design system you wish. Boost your workflow with over 80.000 icons from our free Iconator service and over 1 Million royalty-free images from Unsplash to use in your projects.


Create Together.

Work more efficiently across teams without worrying about sending, merging, and keeping track of different file versions. Everyone on your team can share the same interactive UI/UX design work projects simultaneously. It truly feels like magic. Need to share a design with a client? Simply click on the Share button to invite them to view the work via the link. They’ll be able to seamlessly add comments and provide feedback for you to see right in the Vectornator application or in our upcoming web version.

Nothing Will Stand in the Way of Your Creativity.

Whether you prefer to use a keyboard and mouse, a digital pencil, a touchscreen, or a drawing tablet to create your design, Vectornator supports them all. Nothing will stand in the way of your design process.
Mouse Input
With full cursor
Turn hand drawings
into Vectors
Apple Pencil
Adonit Pixel Stylus
Keyboard for
iPad Pro
For a full desktop
design experience
Keyboard Input
With Multi-touch

Continuity From Start to Finish.

We know that designers like to switch between different tools while working because some tools are just better for a specific task. That’s why we believe that you should be able to switch between apps whenever you need to.
In Vectornator, you have the freedom to move your documents across different tools without worrying about things like file compatibility. You get to decide which tool to use at each stage of your design process. Just leave the rest to us. Pick any of our import and export options and effortlessly switch between your favorite tools like Sketch, Figma, Adobe Illustrator, and more.
  • Import AI, PDF, SVG, Sketch, Figma, PNG, JPG
  • Export Ai, PDF, SVG, PNG, JPG

Creativity Requires Versatility.

We understand that you don’t like spending too much time at your desk. That’s why we built Vectornator with the functionality to run smoothly across your Mac, iPad, and even your iPhone. This level of versatility allows you to work from anywhere.

The Power of Vectors. Taken Further.

Sometimes you see a design that you want to vectorize, but you don't want to spend hours tracing new assets from scratch. But now, you don't have to. Vectornator saves you valuable time with our innovative Auto Trace technology. Press one button and instantly have your designs brought to life with expressive vector shapes.
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One Tool to Rule Them All.

On top of providing great tools for designing user interfaces, Vectornator is great for other design cases too!  For instance, you can work on all your illustration, lettering, and print designs right inside Vectornator, with no need to switch to another tool.

Any Questions?

What is UI Design?

User interface design refers to the process that designers use to create the actual framework that a user interacts with, whether that be through wireframe prototyping for web design, or for app design; by designing the layout of a mobile app.

In either case, UI designers often need to consider the way that their interface will change depending on the device it's displayed on. Through responsive design, designers can ensure that their web pages are optimized for iOS and Android as well as the web.

How Can I Learn UI Design?

UI design can difficult to learn since it covers so many different concepts. But there are many online courses and tutorials from experienced UI designers that can provide a template for your learning process. But you won't be able to practice UI design unless you have a good tool to use. But Vectornator is the perfect tool for wireframing your next web concept! Download it now!

Can Vectornator Be Combined With Other UI Design Tools?

Short answer - Yes!

Longer answer - Yes, absolutely! Accessibility and usability are very important to us, which is why Vectornator has many different import and export options that make it extremely easy to switch design platforms depending on what stage of the project you're at.

For instance, you might begin designing your basic UI elements and interaction design in Figma, but then want to move to Vectornator for the visual design aspects of your user experience design. You can easily do that because Vectornator supports importing Figma files!

Afterwards, don't forget to optimize the legibility of your typography design. In Vectornator, you can use out in-app font integration, Fontinator, to import your own custom fonts for use in your projects.

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Vectornator runs on iPadOS 14 & iOS 14 and later,
or macOS Big Sur and later (with native M1 support).