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Twitter Size Guide

Twitter Size Guide: How To Create Beautiful Twitter Banners & Fleets

Size in pixels
Size in inches
Profile Photo
800 × 800 px
800 × 800 inch
Profile Banner
1,920 × 480 px
1,920 × 480 inch

Twitter is one of the biggest and most viral social networks in the world. 280 characters are enough to share an opinion, draw a smile or start a war. However, there's one more option that helps you express yourself beyond the word count, which is adding an image. - "A picture is worth a thousand words"!

In the following guide we will through the right dimensions for your designs. Besides the common Twitter header/banner size, you will also learn how to design cool multiple photo posts. 

Twitter Header Size

Let’s start on the top of your profile. The twitter header is the first thing your profile visitors (or stalkers) will see!  That's why it's important to make a header that reflects what is your (brand / tweets) about.

If you’ve ever struggled with Twitter header dimensions you’re not alone… The header in twitter is extremely narrow and you also need to worry about how it will look on different devices...The good thing is, we're here to help!

For example, with Vectornator Pro, you can design your own twitter header with just a few simple steps! 

+ With Unsplash integration, you can find some great backgrounds to use for your twitter.

Great and easy results, right? If you don't want to use our simple template, note that the general recommended header size is 1500 by 500 pixels. 

Profile Photo

Everytime you tweet or simply reply to a tweet your profile photo will be displayed right next to your name. If you already have a cool photo or brand image on your Youtube channel, you can reuse it here, since Twitter also has a round icon. Even though Twitter only displays a 200 by 200 pixels profile image we would recommend to use the optimal Twitter profile photo size which is 400 by 400 pixels for high quality results. 

Here again you can use Vectornator Pro to easily design your own profile photo with our Twitter profile template!

Image Post

Now after you learned the optimal banner size for your twitter page and set a cool profile photo, we will show you how to post proper sized images. 

Since Twitter posts are limited to 280 characters images can be a great way to communicate more information. Twitter allows up to 4 photos per post. Note that a photo will be displayed in 1024 by 512 pixels and multiple images will be cropped into a multiple photo grid.

Use Vectornator’s integrated template to design your next tweetable image!

You can even create funny memes using multiple photo posts as shown below. 

If you want to achieve such results you first need to understand how Twitter is cropping photos. Use this helpful infographic and share your results tagging @Vectornator on Twitter. We are looking forward to seeing some funny compositions!

Twitter Fleets - Right Dimensions For The New Feature

Twitter Fleets is a new feature allowing users to share tweets which will disappear after 24 hours. Those disappearing stories can't be liked or retweeted. The Twitter Fleet size is 1080 by 1920 pixels in the app. Currently it is mobile only - so you can only use and see them on your iOS or Android device. 

Your images can be JPGs or PNGs while videos are required to be mp4 with a max length of 30 seconds (512MB). Same as for tweets, text in fleets is limited to 280 characters. The maximum number of fleets on your profile is limited to 75 per day.

Keep in mind that the top of every fleet is overlaid with a black gradient, so we would recommend that your important content is more centred on the image.

Not sure how your Fleet will look like? No worries, you can always test before you post public, to be sure that everything is okay! In order to do so, simply select an image from your camera roll and you will get an instant preview of how it will look like when you post.

Summary and how to start

Now after you learned how to use the correct sizes for your Twitter profile we encourage you to start designing your profile and tweet us @Vectornator your designs! If you really want to have an easy start and skip the manual creation of templates, you can simply use the inbuilt Twitter templates in our graphic design software Vectornator.

Create your template with Vectornator.
Use Vectornator's in-app preset template to quickly create your next design directly from the Home screen.

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