SoundCloud Size Guide

SoundCloud is a social media platform that is dedicated almost exclusively to music. Additionally, it is one of the only music platforms that is entirely open to artists; allowing even fledgling musicians to upload their music where anyone can listen to it. For music lovers, it’s an amazing place to discover new and upcoming artists before they make it to the mainstream. 

But it’s not only for music - many people and companies use it as a platform for hosting their podcasts, narrated stories, and other forms of audio-only content. 

Whether you’re creating a profile to upload your own music, a new podcast you made, or just to listen, there are a few assets you’ll need to create in order to flesh out your profile. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

SoundCloud Profile Image Size

No matter what you’re using SoundCloud for, the first thing you’ll need is a profile picture. If you’re an artist, this is probably where you’ll want to put your logo or a picture of yourself or your band. If you’re creating a podcast, this is where your business logo will go. 

The profile picture you upload should be a square, ideally 1000 x 1000 px. But keep in mind that it will display as a circle, so don’t put any important information in the corners. This type of square image is super easy to create in Vectornator, and you can export it in any format you want!

SoundCloud Profile Image Size

SoundCloud Profile Header Size

Your profile header is the biggest image that you are able to control on your SoundCloud profile. It’s the perfect place to add an image of your band, or a live concert that you’ve played in. Alternatively, you could use it to showcase your newest album cover art, or perhaps an image associated with your business’s services. 

In order to get the best header image quality, you should upload an image that is at least 2480 x 520 px. Ideally, it should be in a JPEG or PNG form. We’ve got a preset for this on Vectornator to make things super easy for you!

One difference between SoundCloud and other platforms is that it doesn’t consistently scale down your profile header image in the same way that other platforms do. So if you include text in your header image, just be aware that some of it might be cut off on certain devices. 

SoundCloud Album Cover Art Size

The last image asset you’ll need to know how to upload is an album cover or song cover. Both of these are square images, and the minimum recommended size is 800 x 800 px

Naturally, this is where you should upload the cover art of your album or song, or the cover image for your podcast or other form of audio content. As long as you make sure your image is high enough quality, it will work great at any scaled size within the SoundCloud platform.

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