Pinterest Size Guide: How To Create Beautiful Pinterest Images & Covers

Pinterest is a social media platform based on the idea of sharing, discovering, accumulating, and grouping visual content. Users can discover a wide range of images using their own search terms or just browsing on the front page. 

If they like an Pinterest image, they can “pin” it to one of their personal folders, called a “board”. Users can also connect with each other and share pins and boards collaboratively. 

It’s a great tool for artists or designers looking for visual inspiration, but it also is perfect for certain types of evergreen content, such as recipes or DIY guides. 

Whether you’re just joining Pinterest to browse and collect your own pins, or you’re looking to create your own content, you’ll need to upload some assets to complete your profile. We’ve got you covered with our Preset Pinterest Templates in Vectornator. 

Pinterest Profile Picture Size

Your Pinterest profile photo is the primary way that people will be able to recognize you on the platform. Pinterest doesn’t use header images; instead preferring to go with a more simple profile design. 

The ideal size for your profile picture is 280 x 280 px. However, keep in mind that Pinterest will crop your image to a circular frame, so make sure the important part of your profile picture is in the center. If you need to make a new one, it’s super easy to do so in Vectornator!

pinterest image size

Pinterest Board Cover Size

On your profile, you’ll see your personal collection of Pinterest boards. These can be set public or private, and can be just your personal boards or ones that you share collaboratively with other users. 

In any case, they’ll all need a cover image so that you can tell them apart easily. You can choose an image from the pins inside that board, or upload your own. The best size for a Pinterest board cover is 600 x 600 px, but as long as it’s a square image, you should be fine. 

Pinterest Image (Pin) Size

Once you’ve been browsing for a while; saving pins to your boards and getting inspired, you might want to start uploading your own pins! 

Pinterest has a vertically-aligned interface, so ideally you’ll use photos that are at roughly a 2:3 aspect ratio. Ideally, your new pin will be 735 x 1102 px, but the most important factor to remember is that Pinterest will scale your pin to be displayed with a 238 px width. Due to the platform’s layout, all pins are displayed at this same width, even if they have varying heights. 

If you want to create a new pin, Vectornator is the perfect place to start! Our templates and easy-to-use tools will have you making and sharing your unique pins faster than you’ll believe!

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