LinkedIn Size Guide

LinkedIn is the biggest social platform for business contacts. Even Though your resume should speak for itself, your LinkedIn page is still the starting point of potential new career opportunities. So you should not undervalue the opportunity to impress with on point visuals. LinkedIn requires certain different dimensions for your profile picture, your cover photo and other images on your personal profile. In this guide you will learn how to use the right ones.

LinkedIn’s Profile Picture Size

When it comes to selecting a profile photo for your LinkedIn page, you definitely want to upload a professional headshot, since they provide a much more personalized feeling than a distant full-body shot. You should also not forget to regularly update your profile picture. The correct image size to use is 400 x 400 pixels with a maximum file size of 8 MB. Also be aware of LinkedIn’s guidelines and conditions for profile photos in order to avoid getting your image removed. 

LinkedIn’s Cover Photo or Background Image Size

This one is tricky! For your personal LinkedIn page cover photo (or also called background image) you need the optimal size of 1584 x 396 pixels. Even if you keep this size, it is quite difficult to display text in those dimensions properly. Therefore, it makes sense to use an image without much text. 

LinkedIn’s Logo and Company Cover Image Size

If you have a business page you want to make sure to use your company logo as a “profile” picture. The recommended size is 300x300px.

More important is to pay close attention to your cover image since it is different than the LinkedIn cover photo size on your personal profile. We would recommend using 1400x425 pixels to get the best results. 

Overview tab and life tab images

On your business profile users have the option to view your overview tab and your life tab. Your About Us section and details about your company can be found in the Overview section. The tab needs a cover image being 360 pixels wide by 120 pixel tall.

On the other side you have the Life Tab which allows you to acquisite new talents or other viewers by showing some of your highlights. Here is a hero image required which is 1128 by 376 pixels.

Summary & How to start

LinkedIn is a great platform for your career and your business. In order to have the biggest visual impact you should follow the given rules mentioned above. If you want to have an easy start to your professional profile redesign be sure to check out our graphic design software Vectornator. Our LinkedIn’s Templates allow you to easily bring your visuals into the right dimensions. 

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