Instagram Size Guide

Instagram is the biggest visually-based social network in the world which makes it incredible important to know which dimensions to use when uploading images and videos on the platform. In this size guide you will learn how to pick the right sizes for your Instagram feed to let it stand out from the crowd.

Instagram’s Post Size

Nowadays Instagram dont force you to only upload squared images as it was in the past. The dimensions of photos can be square, landscape, and portrait images, but they will still be displayed as a squared thumbnail on your profile. After clicking on each post it will reveal their full aspect ratio. It still often makes sense to use square images in order to not have to worry about the preview extract of the full photo. So if you would like to post a square image the best option is to go with an 1080 by 1080 pixels image.

Instagram’s Profile Photo Size

This one is a bit tricky. The dimensions of your profile picture size are different on mobile devices than on desktop. For mobile only-use you could only go with a square image of 110 by 110 pixels. But since some of your followers might still use their desktop, we would recommend going with 180 by 180 pixels to ensure high-quality both on mobile and desktop. 

Keep in mind that your image will be displayed round like a YouTube channel Icon.

Instagram Stories

In the late 2016 Instagram officially copied Snapchat’s Story feature and brought it to Instagram. Allowing users to post images and short videos that only last 24 hours in a slideshow format on the user’s profile. Big companies and Influencers try to keep their stories filled each and every day, so it is important for you to know which dimensions to use.

Instagram stories are displayed in portrait orientation so we would recommend to use an image or video with dimensions of 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels tall. Sticking to this will protect your content from getting cropped. Keep in mind that is an aspect ratio of 9:16 so you can always down follow this ratio to sizes like 720 by 1280 or 900 by 1600 pixels.


In 2020 Instagram introduced the new Reels function which allows users to record 15 to 30-second clips similar to those on TikTok. Although most Reels are recorded directly in the app users are also able to use videos from their gallery. That's why you should know which size to use for Instagram Reels as well. Basically you can stick to the dimensions described in the previous paragraph about Instagram stories. Anything with an aspect ratio of 9:16 and ideally dimensions of 1920 by 1080 pixels.


Besides the new Reels feature Instagram also launched Guides which is a new format for sharing curated scrollable content. Guides can be used to provide users with useful recommendations or step by step tips. When it comes to size you can use the mentioned dimensions for stories as well. But you might want to pick some smaller sized images in order to have more space for your text.

Summary & How to start

All in all we see how important image sizes are on a visually-based platform to stand out of the average designed profiles. If you want to have an easy start to your next high-quality Instagram photos or your new profile picture be sure to check out our graphic design software Vectornator. Our Instagram templates allow you to easily bring your visuals into the right dimensions. 

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