How to Combine Vectornator and Sketch

Sketch is a vector graphics editing platform for macOS. It is primarily used for UI and UX design for mobile apps and websites. However, there are a few areas where Sketch falls short, especially when it comes to vector graphic design. Here's how to use Vectornator and Sketch together to get the most out of both platforms.

Why Use Vectornator Together With Sketch?

Pen Tool
Brush Tool
Isometric Grid
Outline Mode
Cross-device compatibility
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Share Your Design Workflow

Eliminate Distractions with Outline Mode

Outline Mode
Vectornator’s Time Lapse feature allows you to export a video showing a time-lapse of your document from beginning to end. This type of video is ideal for sharing your creative process with an audience over social media.
Sketch doesn’t have an Outline Mode, but Vectornator does! With the touch of a button, you can strip away all the complex effects and colors in your design, leaving only the outlines of your vector shapes. This lets you focus on the structure and balance of your design without any distractions. It’s extremely useful when designing projects for UX and UI purposes.

A Match Made in Heaven

Drag and Drop Anything!

We’ve all experienced the frustration of bad import and export options in other graphic design tools. But Vectornator is built by designers for designers, which is why we’ve built it to be a software which can be used on its own but also can combine easily with many other tools.


Feeling Lost as a Beginner?

For a beginner, graphic design can be very confusing. In Vectornator, we’ve designed our interface to be intuitive and easy to use. And you can learn more about any feature by long-pressing on it to open up a tooltip. But if the help text isn't enough, you can also follow the tooltip link to find more detailed information in our Learning Hub.

Question Icon

Figma is a very popular design tool for collaborative teams. In Vectornator, importing Figma files is easy, but in Sketch, the process is complicated and requires 3rd-party tools.

You also can’t import files from Sketch into Affinity.  Luckily you can use Vectornator; which of course allows you to easily import Sketch files without any reduction in quality.

Our built-in Unsplash integration  allows you to find free images for your design. And best of all, you can directly import them in Vectornator without leaving the tool.

You can use our free Iconator integration to pick the right icon from our library of over 80k different icons directly in Vectornator.

CMYK Preview
AR Preview

Keyboard Shortcuts

Vectornator has more than 40 keyboard shortcuts which you can use to speed up your workflow on iPad and Mac.

Vectornator Truly Feels Like a Native Apple Product

Vectornator is built to look and feel like an Apple product, and to integrate seamlessly into your iOS and Mac workflow.

Integrate Vectornator Into Your Sketch Workflow

Collaboration has never been easier with the broad import options Vectornator offers.

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