How to recover your backup file

Your Complete Guide to recovering your backup.vectornator files created with Version 4.1

In this latest update, 4.1, we changed the Vectornator file extension to improve the file size and the speed of saving a file. After updating to Vectornator 4.1, you might encounter this error message when opening a file. But don't worry! We've got you covered.

Simply follow this three-step tutorial:

find vectornator file

Now, right click on it and click on Show Package Contents

Show package content mac

Inside the Package you will find a list of files...

Recover Vectornator backup

Select the backup.vectornator file and drag it onto your desktop.

Recover Vectornator backup

Done! 🎉

Now you can open your file with Vectornator 4.1

Vectornator Apple Uran Chen

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Questions & Answers

What is a backup file?

It's a copy of a file in old .vectornator file format (pre-Vectornator 4.1).

Why I don't see my backup.vectornator file?

The backup file is part of a normal file that can only be found inside the "Package Contents". It will automatically disappear once you reopen the file and save it again.

Can a document created with Vectornator 4.1 be opened with a previous version of Vectornator?

⚠️ No! Any file created with Vectornator 4.1 can only be opened with Vectornator 4.1+.