What's the Best Alternative for a Free Software Like MS Paint?

MS Paint was the first free design application available on Windows, but it works exclusively with raster images and offers limited tool options. But if you're on Mac, it can be a bit harder to find an intuitive design tool, since Mace doesn't offer one natively. But you're in luck!

On this page, you will discover why Vectornator is the optimal choice if you are searching for a free and professional design software for your next project. Whether you just need to make a small image adjustment, or create a full design project, Vectornator is the perfect software for you.

Why Choose Vectornator as
Your First Graphic Design Tool

Pen Tool
Auto Trace
Time Lapse
3rd Party Pencil Support
Full Brush Control
Unsplash Plugin
Iconator Plugin
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That Native App Feel

Vectornator has the modern, clean, intuitive, and simple design of a native Apple application. The UI offers a beautiful interface with the powerful functionality for an optimal workflow.

Vectornator is built to look and feel like an Apple product, and to integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

You Need the Right Tools

Vectornator’s extensive toolbar contains nine precise and powerful tools, such as the Pen Tool, the Brush Tool and the Shape Tool. The Brush Tool allows you to paint vector lines, as well as adjust the smoothness, angle, and contour of your stroke.

The capabilities of the tools in Vectornator far exceed those of MS Paint. Vectornator offers you countless settings and options for unlimited creativity, across all you iOS devices.

At Home with Any Pencil

MS Paint is incompatible with the Apple Pencil or the iPad; it only allows you to use tablets and pencils that are compatible with the Windows operating system.

Vectornator is built to use the Apple Pencil perfectly, but also allows you to use pencils like the Wacom Stylus or drawing tablets such as the Wacom Bamboo slate. Experience the freedom to use your favorite Pencil and tablet with Vectornator!

We support iCloud Sync

Your Vectornator documents will automatically sync and save any changes you make to your project in iCloud, so you can easily work on them at any time, across all of your devices.

A million more reasons to choose Vectornator.

Drag and Drop Any File!

Since Vectornator is built by designers for designers, we’ve experienced the pain of bad import and export options in other tools before as well. That's why we’ve built Vectornator as a software that can be used completely standalone and in combination with other tools.


Superior Compatibility

Vectornator’s Import Options:
Vectornator’s Export Options:
In MS Paint, you are limited to:

Customizable Brushes

Vectornator's Brush Tool is extremely powerful when combined with the Apple Pencil. All brushes can be made pressure-sensitive, so it feels like you’re drawing on paper. You can also retroactively edit the appearance of any brushstroke after you've drawn it by changing its style, color, and shape.

Editable Brush Strokes

All Vector Tools

Our tools are vector-based. That means you can create digital paintings and graphic designs that can be scaled up or down to any size, all while keeping a crisp, clean aesthetic.

Multi-Device Application

Currently, only Microsoft Windows users can enjoy MS Paint. However, Vectornator is free to download and use on any iOS-supported device. While our iPhone and iPad versions are touch-friendly, the desktop version is perfect for those who prefer working with a drawing tablet, or a keyboard and mouse.

Adjustable Strokes

Node Level Precision

Multiple Artboards in One File

Feeling lost in Vectornator as a beginner?

We all started as beginners. In Vectornator you only have to long press on a tool in order to bring up more information about it.  We call this feature “long press for help”, and our users love it. If the help text isn't enough, you can also follow the link in the tooltip to get more detailed information about the feature on our Learning Hub.

Question Icon

Inspired by those cool videos on social media where complex graphics materialize before your eyes? With Vectornator's automatic Time-lapse recording, you can capture your design process from start to finish to create videos exactly like this! No plugin required! Perfect for sending to your clients, your stakeholders or for sharing your design process on your own social media.

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Turn your favorite images into beautiful vector illustrations with just one magical tap; saving you hours of manual tracing. Our powerful Auto Trace technology converts images into full-fledged and editable vector shapes.
The days of late-night tracing or working with low-resolution content are finally over. Our tool is perfect for turning your favorite images into vector shapes; ideal for web design and more. No tutorial needed.

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How to Start Your Vectornator Journey?

Vectornator is completely free to download. You can start using our tools to create your new project in seconds, or you can import your raster images and convert them into vectors with our powerful Auto Trace feature.

Download Vectornator

See what people have made with Vectornator

All Vectornator users will have access to our Forum, where you’ll find the Art Gallery. This is a place for you to showcase your #madewithvectornator art, and check out what other creatives are making with our software.

Any Questions?

How can I perform simple image edits for free?

If you just want to make just a few quick edits with your image for free, Vectornator might be the right choice for you. The free vector-based app allows you to make simple edits with its color tool but offers many more advanced tools, such as the layer functions of the layer styles.

A user-friendly workflow with no unnecessary extra steps and excellent tablet compatibility gives you a natural drawing experience. An additional bonus is that you can import and export many image formats in Vectornator!

Is there a Mac version of Paint?

If you toyed around with the free Microsoft default app MS Paint back in the day, you might ask yourself: Is there a hidden paint app like Paint for Mac available?

Most users aren't professional graphic designers, they just want to edit some basic images by using a few simple tools.

Preview is the simple but very limited default app that comes with the macOS operating system, but you can install the powerful vector-based app Vectornator for free with just a few easy clicks. With this app, you will get all the basic edit and paint functions in a vector-based app for free and so much more!

Is Vectornator Free?

If you are searching for a free app for editing image files, look no further. Vectornator offers you basic painting functions and a variety of image editing tools.

You can even import and export a wide range of image formats with Vectornator! We offer you vector-based and beginner-friendly digital painting completely for free!

 Is there a hidden Paint app on Mac?

If you have used MS Paint in the past, you might be curious if there is a Paint for mac app available, like a hidden paint function in the macOS operating system.

A simple paint program that is available on macOS is Preview, it offers you a few simple image editing options. With Vectornator you will get all the basic functions, but you can even extend your creative image editing even to a professional level with features like Auto Trace and Vectornator's Layer function.

Vectornator's customizable interface will help you take your artwork to the next level, beyond the basic. Our user interface will offer you a wider scope of tools to tackle your next project. 

As long as you have an internet connection, Vectornator can sync your files through iCloud Sync, allowing you to work on your projects across all of your iOS devices. 

What's the best free drawing app on Mac?

If you are searching for a free drawing app for macOS with basic tools and basic paint functions to edit simple images,  you have several options available.

Paint for Mac is a very basic and simple free raster-based app that lets you perform very limited paint functions like speech bubbles, for example.

The free drawing applications like Clip Studio paint and MediBang Paint are suitable for raster-based illustrations.

But if you want to take it to the next level with vector graphics, no one beats the powerful tools of Vectornator! You can even import your raster images and convert them to vector shapes with Auto Trace!

Get started with Vectornator today.

Vectornator runs on iPadOS 14 & iOS 14 and later,
or macOS Big Sur and later (with native M1 support).