The Inspector

In the Inspector, you’ll find the controls for the tool you’re working with. You can view and edit properties of selected objects as well as layers, artboards, import options and more.

Style Tab

The Style Tab is considered to be the main tab in Vectornator where all styling functions reside from Fill, Stroke and Shadow options to Blend Modes, Blur and more.

Content Aware Options

The style tab is content aware. This means that it adapts according to the selected object. For example, selecting a text box will reveal text options. Selecting an image will reveal Auto Trace settings and so on.

Arrange Tab

Arrange tab manages the position, scale, size, rotation, grouping, alignment and distribution of your objects.

Path Tab

The path tab is the go to solution to edit and modify paths. It houses options like Boolean, Masking and more complex functions like outlining a path or placing a text onto a path.

Layers Tab

The Layers Tab is the place to go to manage all your layers and objects inside your document. Additionally, the Layers Tab also manages your artboards. Here, you can create, multi select, show/hide, lock/unlock, duplicate, delete and rename your artboards, layers and objects.

Import Tab

This tab is divided in 3 panels which are:

1) Templates where you can create and store your own vector library, 2) Photos where you can insert images from your camera roll and 3) Iconator library which offers more than 80K icons to use in your designs.

Image Library


Move your finger away (above or below the slider) when sliding in order to move slower and more accurately on the slider. Now you can set your desired value much more precisely.

Move finger away from slider for more accuracy.

Learn more how to use Sliders here.


With the keypad, you can tap on any numerical value in Vectornator and you will be able to manually change it with a few simple taps. Tap the enter key to submit your value. Tap again outside the keypad to dismiss.

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