Customize your Vectornator App by setting your preferences.

Document Settings

Divided in three separated tabs, it’s the place where you customize your document preferences. You can always access it by tapping the Settings (2) icon inside the Navigation Bar.


In this Tab, you’ll find all the features to customize the Vectornator Interface.

Theme Panel

Use System / Always Light / Always Dark

Tweak the interface to look and feel the way you like it.

Zoomed Interface button

On / Off button

Magic Canvas

On / Off button

When activated, the Vectornator Interface moves out of the way when drawing or moving objects, revealing the canvas and freeing up working space on your device.

Enable Unlimited Undo History

In the Settings, you can now disable the unlimited Undo History.

When switching from Default to Optimized, the alert pops up to explain again what Optimize means.

Isolate Active Layer

On / Off button

When enabled, only the paths placed in the active layer can be edited, and you'll see everything else grayed out.

Isolate Active Layer will focus on the Layer that you’re working on and hide all other layers from the view.

Outline Mode

On / Off button

The Outline Mode button will, instead, show your document elements as a wireframe so that only its outlines are visible.

Think of Outline Mode as an X-ray that a doctor reads. Although just black and white, an X-ray reveals what's going on behind the scenes.

Grid Panel

Vectornator supports two types of grids: a Perpendicular (square grid) and the Isometric grid.

When enabled, it shows a grid on top of your designs.

Also, You can decide to snap your paths to it by switching the button you find in the Snapping Tab.

TIP: You can only apply grids to singular Artboards. It's also important to note that the Grid will be displayed on the active Artboard.

Perpendicular Grid

Select the Perpendicular Grid from the Panel. Then, adjust Grid Spacing by inserting the values in the box.

Isometric Grid

Select the Isometric Grid from the Panel.

Once activated, adjust the Grid Spacing and the Grid Angle by tapping the to open the keypad. Change the values that suit you and close the Canvas Tab to start using the grid.

TIP: What is the Isometric Grid?  

White Background

On / Off button

When exporting in .png or any other editable format, consider that the white background will not appear.

CMYK Preview

On / Off button

This button will preview your document displaying the colors in CMYK instead of P3.

Note: Vectornator do not (yet) support CMYK color space, you're only able to preview your work in this space.

Artboard Size

Resize the artboard of your document and change unit dimensions.

You can choose from: Points, Picas, Inches, Millimeters, Centimeters, Pixels.


On / Off button

This button will show/hide the Rulers attached to each artboard that will remain fixed in their exact location.

On top of that, they adjust accordingly and scale up and down as you zoom.

Simply, switch on / off the button to Show/Hide the Rulers.

When activated, you can also easily add Smart Guides to your document. Learn how to do it.

Canvas Rotation

On / Off button

When ON, it allows the rotation of the canvas.

ART by Liam Brazier.

Dimensions Indicator

On / Off button

This button allows you to show or hide the Dimension Indicator located at the bottom of each objects when selected.

Show Touches

On / Off button

Switching on this button, it will enable a tap indicator on your iOS Device (iPhone or iPad) for touch events so you can easily spot where you have tapped.

TIP: This function is truly useful when you want to record your screen for a video tutorial.


In this Tab, you can manage the different snapping options as:

Smart Guides

When enabled, you’ll see these guides appear whenever you create or move an existing path.

They appear in light blue color (vertical) and violet (horizontal) and will help you align paths to each other.

Snap to Guides

When enabled, they’ll force the snapping to the existing ones you have on the canvas.

Snap to Edges

When enabled, they’ll snap the path to the edges of a shape.

Snap to Points

When enabled, they’ll snap the paths to each end point on the canvas.

Snap to Grid

When enabled, they’ll snap the paths to the grid.


Available only on iPad and iPhone, this Tab will give you access to different pairing options.

Make sure the Bluetooth is turned on on your device.

In the top part, you’ll find all the supported devices as:

Wacom Stylus

Select Wacom Stylus from the list of devices inside the Input Tab.

Wacom Bamboo Slate Pairing

It allows you to turn your paper drawings into vectors simultaneously or import them after.

There are a few steps to connect your Bamboo Slate to Vectornator:

  1. Tap on Wacom Slate
  2. Turn on your Slate and then Tap on Next.
  3. Hold for 6 seconds to enter the pairing mode
  4. Once the status turned into “Connecting…”, tap again the button on the Slate.
  5. A new screen will appear, which displays the Battery Level of your Slate and allows you to disconnect the two devices.
  6. Start editing your vectors.


Select Adonit from the list of devices inside the Input Tab.

Vectornator is compatible with the models Note+, Pixel and PixelPro.



Apple Pencil double-tap Options

This option only appears when you have a second generation Apple Pencil paired with your iPad.

By default, the double tap gesture switches between your current tool and the eraser, but you can customize it by going to the Settings App on your iPad.

By tapping this button, you can easily select the best option you want for your Pencil.

Draw only with pencil

When enabled, the canvas ignores any touch made with your fingers. Your fingers only scale and rotate the canvas, or can be used for gestures.

Advanced Settings

Adjust advanced Vectornator settings under the hood in the iPad Settings App as:

Bluethooth permission

Vectornator requires Bluethooth permissions for many things as Apple Pencil pairing, and Wacom Bamboo Slate paring.


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Vectornator supports a total of 14 different languages. You can set your favorite one here.

Download the PDF version here.
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