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Selection Tool

Selection Tool

There are two selection options in Vectornator: the first one allows you to select the shape as a whole, while the second one allows you instead select individual points in your shape.

1 – The Selection Tool allows you to select the shape itself,

2 – The Direct Selection or Node Tool allows you instead to select individual points in your shape.

How to select elements

The Selection Tool is the go-to tool in Vectornator. It allows you to select objects but also activates some specific options to rotate, duplicate, and more.

#1 Step: Activate the Selection Tool

The Selection Tool (1) is the first tool you find at the top of the Vectornator Toolbar. To activate it, simply tap on it. Then, you can select any object on your canvas by tapping on it. Any selected element will be surrounded by a box which allows you to move it around or resize it.

4in1 Modes

Once you tap the Selection Tool (1), you will also have access to four different modes:

<key>A<key> Multi Select Mode to select multiple elements at once,

<key>B<key> Duplicate Mode to duplicate each element by dragging it,

<key>C<key> Rotate Mode to easily rotate an element,

<key>D<key> Scale Mode to resize any element by keeping its aspect ratio and changing its pivot point.

Multi Select Mode

You can select a group of objects by tapping and dragging a box around them or you can use the Multi Select Mode. To activate it, simply tap on the first icon (A) at the right of the Selection Tool.

The Multi Select Mode is available also for the Node Tool and allows you to select multiple Anchor Points at once.

Duplicate Mode

You can duplicate objects in Vectornator by copy-pasting them, or you can use the Duplicate Mode. To activate it, simply tap on the second icon (B) at the right of the Selection Tool. Once active, you can simply tap and drag any selected object to create a duplicate of it.

You can also combine those modes to speed up your workflow and create Rotational or Scalable Copies. Read more:
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▪︎ Combine Duplicate & Scale Mode ➞

Selection Tool Video Recap

Dimensions Indicator

When you select an object in Vectornator, the object's dimensions will be displayed at the bottom-center of the object in light blue box. But remember, the values displayed are rounded to the closest whole digit and won't display the decimal points.

The dimensions indicator works on single objects, multiple objects selected together, and groups of objects.

Note: You can also hide the Dimension Indicator by switching off the button in the Settings tab.

And when you rotate an object, the dimension indicator will display the rotation degree.

Direct Selection Tool

The Node Tool, also known as the Direct Selection Tool, allows you to create, select, move, and edit anchor points.

How to Select Anchor Points

All lines or shapes in a vector-based software are made up of points connected by paths, which make up the outlines of a shape. In Vectornator, it’s really easy to select and edit those points to modify and polish your design. By selecting the Node Tool, you will be able to see these nodes, also called Anchor Points.

To select a point, simply tap on it using the Node Tool.

To add a new point to your path, tap any space between two points directly on the vector path.

Read more: Editing Path in Vectornator ➞
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Last Updated on Jun 09, 2021
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