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Mac Style Inspector

Mac Style Inspector

In the Style Inspector, you’ll find the controls for the tool you’re currently working with. You can also view and edit the properties of selected objects as well as manage import options, and more.

Opening the Style Inspector

At the top right corner of the Vectornator interface, you find the <key>Style<key> button, which allows you to expand or collapse at any time the Inspector Tab by clicking on it. Alternatively, you can also use the <key>/<key> key.

If you're familiar with Vectornator on iPad you sure recognise a similar structure but the Inspector on the Mac App is here a unique scrollable panel which allows you to access all the major styling and editing features and control the properties of your selected elements.

Styling Options on Mac

At the top of the inspector, you can find the main Styling functionalities that will be activated as soon as you select at least one element of your document:

<key>1<key> Setting the Fill of your shapes, setting Blend Modes, Opacity and Blur options.

<key>2<key> Changing the path's Stroke with Arrowheads and more.

<key>3<key> Access the Shadow options.

Arrange Options

Right below the Styling Options, you will find the so-called Arrange Options which helps you manage:

<key>A<key> Position, Size, Rotation, Flipping,

<key>B<key> Grouping,

<key>C<key> Stack Order,

<key>D<key> Alignment,

<key>E<key> Distribution.

In this section, you can also find two buttons for the object Transformation <key>F<key>

Path Options

The Path Option is the go-to section for editing and modifying paths. It contains options like:

<key>A<key> Boolean operations,

<key>B<key> Masking,

<key>C<key> defining anchor points,

<key>D<key> Outlining a path,

<key>E<key> quickly Opening or Closing paths,

and more.

Context-aware Options

The Inspector, as on iPad, is context-aware. This means that it adapts according to the current selected object. For example, selecting a text box will reveal text options, while selecting an image will reveal Auto Trace settings, etc.

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Download the PDF version here.
Last Updated on Jul 20, 2021
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