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Vectornator is a powerful vector graphics software to easily integrate into any workplace thanks to its cross-platform functionality (iPad, iPhone, Mac) without compromising on power or quality.

Vectornator Wiki (Beta)

Vectornator is packed with amazing features that offers an All-in-one solution for your design needs. We designed this Wiki to simplify things for you, show you where to find these features, and how to use them. we will guide you through everything you need to know in order to take your workflow to the next level with Vectornator.

Before entering this wiki, please make sure to update Vectornator to the latest version on the App Store on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Vectornator X for iPad

Vectornator offers absolute versatility on your iPad. All your design needs are lie at your finger. The Apple Pencil on your iPad adds a paper like drawing experience. And you can connect a mouse, trackpad or keyboard for the unmatched desktop experience.

Vectornator X for iPhone

Our easy-to-use iPhone interface enables a professional design experience on the iPhone without sacrificing any features from Vectornator on your iPad or Mac.
Installing Vectornator on your iPhone adds a new way you can preview and edit all your vector files on the go. You never know when you need to do one final edit to your file when you're away from your computer!

Vectornator Pro for macOS

We built Vectornator Pro with speed and smoothness in mind. Our metal accelerated real-time rendering engine runs on the 64Bit architecture and delivers a truly professional performance that makes Vectornator worthy of its Pro name-tag! ✓

The UI is pretty the same as Vectornator X, except for the Layers Panel that on Mac is completely separated from the Inspector. Thanks to the added screen real estate that Macs offer.

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