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The Import feature allows you to edit, organize, import, and share photos, templates, and icons inside Vectornator.

Starting with Vectornator 4.2, you can now import any supported format from the Import Tab. To access it, simply tap on the + button (1) at the top right corner of the Gallery and then selecting Import (2).

The Import Tab will show up automatically. Here you can:

A - drag & drop a file into the big area at the top.
B - import any image you have stored into your Photos App.
C - easily import images from your device Camera.
D - import any Figma documents.
E - import any sketches you made with your Wacom Bamboo Slate.

Image Import

In Vectornator, you can add raster images (.png and .jpeg format) to your document in just a few steps, either by using split-screen and dragging them from your files into the App, or by importing them via the Library Tab.

Import Images from the Import Tab

When in the Import Tab, you can import any image by:

1 - drag & drop any jpeg or png image into the dropping Area.
2 - selecting the image file from your stored files. You can select them from your iPad storage or iCloud.
3 - import an image from your Photos App
4 - scan and import from your device Camera.

Any of the three options will open automatically a new document with the same size of your image.

⚠️ The image will be imported inside a locked layer.

Camera Scanner

As creatives ourselves, we know that sometimes is just easier to sketch something on paper and only later move it to digital. That's what our newest Camera Scanner feature comes for.

To scan anything using your device camera, simply tap on the + button at the top right corner of the Gallery and then selecting Import. Once you're in the Import Tab, select Camera.

Once you tap the Card, the Scanner will open. What you have to do is to simply place your sketch in view of the camera. A transparent blue layer will overlap your paper to guide you with the paper borders.

If you need to capture more than a document, tap Keep Scan which will appear at the bottom right corner of your iPad. Then tap Save. Your image(s) will automatically open as a new document in Vectornator.

Pro Tip – Use the Camera Scanner for your paper sketches as well as PDF editing.

Import Images from the Library Tab

Also, you can add images into your document directly from the Library Tab. First, open the Tab (1) and then select either the Photos (A) or the Unsplash (B) Tab. Then, just tap the image you want to insert into the document or drag and drop it onto the canvas.

Import Unsplash Images

To import images to your document directly from our Unsplash Integration, first open the Library Tab, and then navigate to the Unsplash Tab by tapping on the icon at the bottom right of the panel.

Then, just type a keyword into the Search Bar (1). Once you've typed your keyword, press <key>↵<key> to show the results. Now you can scroll down through your results and tap on an image (2) to immediately import it onto your artboard, or you can drag and drop an image onto a specific place on your canvas (3).

Figma Import

To import a Figma file into Vectornator, open the Import Tab from the Gallery, and select the Figma Card.

⚠️ The first time you do this, you'll need to link your Figma account to Vectornator.

1 - Allow access to Vectornator.
2 - Then, authenticate your login using your Figma email and password.
3 - From now on, you will have access to your Figma Recent Files through Vectornator. Just tap on the one you want to import to Vectornator.

⚠️ The separated boards from your Figma document will be added to Vectornator as separate Layers.

Drag & Drop Files to Vectornator

You can import a file into Vectornator using the Files App, or by dragging and dropping it into Vectornator by using the Split View on your iPad. To do so, Tap & Hold your file (1) and then drag it onto the Import Tab (2). You can use this function to easily import any supported files as .jpeg, .png, .pdf, .svg, .sketch, and .ai.

Sketch Import

When using Vectornator on iPad, it’s possible to import a Sketch file in different ways. But remember to first move your .sketch file from Mac to iPad via Airdrop or iCloud.

On iPad, once you saved your .sketch file into your Files:

Tap and Hold on your .sketch file to access the Sharing Options, and then choose Open In Vectornator.

Alternatively, you can simply drag & drop the .sketch file into the Import Tab by using the Split View.

Read more about the Sketch Integration here ➞

SF Symbols

From the Library Tab you can have access to the SF Symbols integration and immediately import them into your document. You can use Apple's SF Symbols library of over 2.4K icons freely into your projects.

To import a new Symbol onto your document open the Library Tab (1) and then search using the Search Bar (2) at the top of the tab. Then simply tap on the Symbol (3) or drag & drop it into your canvas.

Pro TipSF Symbols are text objects, which means that they support all font weights. To change, use the font-weight selector in the Style Tab. Also, you can easily vectorize them using the "Outline Text" feature.


Inside the Library Tab, you can access the Drawing Mockups Gallery (1), where you can access the objects you have saved.

To create your own templates, select your desired object in your document, then tap the + button (2) located at the top right of the Tab. This will save your object to the Your Templates Gallery (A).

From this Tab, you can also access a free gallery of Preset UI Templates (B) which contain the most-used iOS, watchOS, and Android UI elements.

From the Your Templates Gallery, you can drag or tap on your templates to insert them into the canvas. This section will be unlocked once you save your first personal template.

Your library of personal elements is saved locally, and can be found in the /userMockups folder in the parent Vectornator folder on your device. 

Pro Tip – A cool way to use the Templates feature is to save your signature logo or a particular group of shapes you like to use and re-use and speed up your design workflow.

Icons Import

Iconator is a gallery of over 80k royalty-free icons inside Vectornator that can be used for absolutely free in all your projects.

To import a new icon from Iconator to your document open the Library Tab - Iconator (1), search using the Search Bar (2) at the top of the tab. Then simply tap on the icon (3) or drag & drop it into your canvas.

Read more about Iconator here ➞
Download the PDF version here.
Last Updated on Jul 29, 2021
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