Adding images to fill, blend or vectorize into your Vectornator documents.

Inserting an Image

Open the Import Tab (right button of the Inspector Bar) and select the Photos Tab.

Simply tap the image to insert into the document.

Drag and drop an image

To insert an image into your document, activate the Split View on your iPad, select the photo and drag it straight from the Files or the Photos App to the Document.

Resizing an image

As for any vector path, hold and drag one of the 4 corners of the image to resize it. Hold a second finger on the canvas or press SHIFT to keep the proportions.

Another way to resize it, it’s by using the “Resize” button inside the Toolbar.

Blend Modes

Blend modes in digital image editing and computer graphics are used to determine how two layers are blended with each other. The default blend mode in most applications is simply to obscure the lower layer by covering it with whatever is present in the top layer.

Darken: it shows the darkest of the base and blend. It will not change if the colors are the same or the overlapped layer is lighter than the original.

Multiply: it multiplies the base color (violet circle above) by the blend image (the Passion Fruit flower). It's great to use for shading or, if you want to quickly apply an asset with a white background to your comp without bothering to manually remove it, you can with multiply!

Auto Trace

This Vectornator feature allows you to vectorize any imported images in a few taps.

Add an image to your document

Create a new document from the Gallery by opening a photo from the Document Picker.

Or Import a photo inside your document by going to the Import Tab inside the Inspector.

Unlock the image Layer

Once you open a photo to create a new document, first open the Layer Tab and unlock the layer which contains the image.

Access the Auto Trace Panel

At the top of the Style Tab, the Auto Trace Panel will appear. In here you find two sliders where you can set:

1 > The number of paths

2 > The minimum size of any path

Once you set them, you can simply tap the Auto Trace button (3) and wait a few seconds.

Tap to trace your image

With a simple tap on the Auto Trace button, without editing anything, you will have a preview of your vectorized image.

Undo to go back to the original (raster) image.

Increase the number of paths

By moving your finger on the Maximize Number of Paths slider you will have a more abstract result and more detailed paths.

The Minimum Path Size slider lets you manage the area considered by the vectorizer. In other words, paths smaller than that will simply be ignored!

Keep editing your now vectorized image

To further edit your traced image you can move to the Path Tab and easily adjust the vectors by tapping on the Remove Anchor Points button.

The Vectornator's Auto Trace can be used to turn your photos into beautiful painting-like vector images or to simply turn your favorites logos into vectors.

Download the PDF version here.
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