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Vectornator's Homescreen is the first page you will see when you open up the platform. From here, you can create new documents, organize your projects, stay updated with the latest news from Vectornator, and even collect achievements!

Gallery Tab

Here, you'll find all of your current documents and Vectornator files.

Creating a New Document

In the top right corner of the Gallery Tab, tap the button with the plus sign on it to bring up the Document Picker.

The Document Picker

Vectornator offers a variety of preset templates in a range of useful sizes for both print and digital designs, making it easy to create a new project quickly and easily.

At the top of the Document Picker, you can name your New Document (1), invert the document's width and height (2), and access the Search Bar (3) to find a specific preset template quickly. You can use any of these elements by simply tapping on them. Pressing the <key>x<key> in the top right corner (4) will close the Document Picker and return you to the Gallery Tab.

Creating a custom-size document

The first option in the Document Picker allows you to create a new document with a custom size. Pressing the <key>+<key> button will open a window where you can set the dimensions of your new document and select the units you prefer to use.

On the left side of the Document Picker, you'll find a list of template categories to help you navigate through the preset templates sections.

In this menu, you’ll see a list of the template categories, including Paper, Resolutions, Devices, Icons, and Social. Scroll down or tap on the category names in the menu to easily find the template you need.

At the top of the left-side menu, you'll find the Import button, which allows you to bring in a new document to Vectornator, even if it was created in a different software or if it's in a different format.

Learn how to Import a file in Vectornator ➞

Organizing Documents

Creating Stacks (Folders)

In the Gallery Tab, the best way to organize your projects is by sorting them into stacks.

To create a stack, simply press and hold on one of your documents, then drag it on top of another document. Release to create a new stack.

You can put stacks inside other stacks using the same method, just drag one on top of the other.

You can rename a document or stack by tapping on the title.

Removing a document from a Stack

To remove a document from a stack, press and hold onto the document, then press the back button with another finger to exit the stack. Then, drag and release to drop the document where you want it.

News Tab

In Vectornator, you can get access to all the most recent Vectornator news updates, tutorials, and articles in real-time.

You can find this section by swiping right while in the Gallery Tab, or by tapping the News button in the tabs along the top bar. To access an article or piece of content, simply tap on its card.

Settings Tab

By swiping right while in the News Tab on your iPad and iPhone, or by selecting it from the tabs along the top bar, you can access the Settings Tab.

In the General Settings, you can:

1 - Get to know which version of Vectornator you're currently using.

2 - Access your Font Library: This will bring you directly to the Fontinator App to access all your custom fonts.

3 - Direct access to our Learning Hub, get in contact with our Support Team or make a new feature request.

4 - Subscribe the Vectornator Newsletter, activate Notifications to keep up-to-date with our latest news and access the Privacy Policy.

5 - Direct access to our main Social Media

6 - Show the Onboarding and access to your Preferences.

general settings

Mac Homescreen

The Vectornator Homescreen on Mac has been also revamped with Version 4.0 with larger thumbnails to view your recent documents with a big <key>+<key> new document button.

We also have useful links available at the bottom left corner with direct access to our Learning Hub, Website, and more!

The News Section Tab will also give you access to our latest Product updates and design editorial articles.

We also updated the new document template with more native elements ✨🔨

Download the PDF version here.
Last Updated on May 25, 2021
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