Welcome to Vectornator's Homescreen where you can create new documents, organize your artworks, stay updated with the latest news, and even collect medals!

Gallery Tab

This is where you can find all your documents and Vectornator files.

Creating a New Document

At the top right corner of the Gallery, you’ll find a “Plus” button.  tap to bring up the Document Picker.

The Document Picker

Vectornator offers a variety of preset templates in a range of useful sizes for both printing or digital designs, which makes creating your new project quick and easy .

At the top you see a fixed bar, in which you can set the name of your new Document (1), invert the width/height (2), and have access to the Search Bar (3) Or find a specific preset template quickly. You can use them by simply tapping on the buttons and close them (4) anytime.

Creating a custom-size document

When choosing Custom Size, you can set the dimensions of your new document and the units you prefer to go with.

Placed on the left of the Doc Picker, there’s another fixed bar to help you navigate through the preset templates sections.

In this menu you’ll see a list of the templates categories such as Paper, Resolutions, Devices, Icons, Social. Scroll down or tap on the categories on your left to easily find the template (preset size) you need.

At the very top there’s the Import section where you can bring in a new document created in a different software or a different format to Vectornator.

Learn how to Import a file in Vectornator.

Scroll down or tap on the categories on your left to easily find the template (preset size) you need.

Organizing Documents

Creating Stacks (Folders)

Simply drag a document on top of another. You can even have more stacks on top a stack.

Rename the document or stack by tapping on the title.

Removing a document from a Stack

Hold & drag your document, press the back button to exit the stack and drop the document where you like.

News Tab

In Vectornator X for iPad and iPhone, you can get access to all the most recent news updates, tutorials and articles in real-time.

You can find this section by swiping through the tabs in the Home Gallery.

To access the content, simply tap on the card.

Achievements Tab

In Vectornator X (iPad and iPhone), you can access the rewards system to help you learn how the tools function and incorporate the newest innovative features into your workflow.

This feature gives loyal users the chance to earn Medals and share their achievements with their friends on Social Media.

Settings Tab

By swiping from the Gallery Tab on your iPad and iPhone, you will have access to the Settings Tab. In here you can:

1 > Access to Your Font Library

2 > Subscribe to our Newsletter

3 > Activate the Notifications to be always up-to-date with our latest news

4 > Contact Us in case you want to make a special request or report a bug.

Download the PDF version here.
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