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Vectornator's Homescreen is the first page you will see when you open up the App. From here, you can create new Documents and Templates, and organize your projects.

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Once you open the Vectornator App, you will land on the Homescreen. On the Sidebar to the left, you can switch between:

– your iCloud and local Gallery,
– the News section,
– the Learn Tab,
– your Settings.

The Vectornator Gallery

The Gallery is the place where you can access all of your current Vectornator documents (A). They can be organized into Folders (B) and are ordered chronologically.

On the left, there is a Sidebar that you can open or close anytime by tapping on the button (C) at the top left corner of your iPad screen.

At the top right corner of your screen, you have the three following buttons available:

D - The + button to create a New Document by accessing the Document Picker, importing from different places, and more.
E - The Create a new Folder button, which once tapped creates a new empty folder that will automatically appear in the Gallery.
F - The Select button which gives you access to different editing options.

At the bottom center of the screen (G), you will find the information on how many documents you have saved and how much space is still available.

iPad Screen Document gallery for Vectornator

With the iPadOS16 update, you can also rename the folder directly by tapping on the dropdown menu next to the folder title.

iPad Screen Document gallery for Vectornator

On iPadOS, to focus more on your documents you can simply collapse the sidebar so that your projects have even more space to breathe.

Creating a New Document

At the top right corner of the Gallery, tap the ~key~+~key~ button. This opens a popover where you can:

1 - Create a New Document and access the Document Picker
2 - Import a Document
3 - Create a new document by tapping one of your five most recently used templates.

Creating a New Document in Vectornator

The Document Picker

The Vectornator Document Picker is the place where you can create a new document by selecting one of the Preset Templates or creating your own custom-sized Document or your custom Template.

To open the Document Picker, tap the + button (1) at the top right corner of the Gallery, and then select New Document ~ic-new-document~~ic-new-document~(2).

The Document Picker Vectornator

The Document Picker contains:

A - A Sidebar where you can browse the different template Categories.

B - A scrolling area where you can find several Document Templates.

At the top you can:

C - Access the Search Bar to quickly find a specific Template.

D - Change the orientation of your document from Portrait to Landscape before creating it.

E - Access the Custom Size button which opens the Template Options.

Pressing the ~key~x~key~ at the top left corner will close the Document Picker and will return you to the Gallery.

All Templates view in Vectornator

Vectornator offers a variety of Preset Templates in many standardized document sizes for print and digital purposes, making it ****easy to create a new project directly from the Document Picker Window.

The different Templates Categories can be selected from the sidebar and will help you navigate through the sections of the different templates. Scroll down or tap on the category names in the menu to find the template you need. The supported categories in Vectornator are:

In Vectornator 4.7.0, all your custom Document Templates are synced with your iCloud account and you can access them from any device on which you have Vectornator installed. To activate this feature, toggle on the Sync Presets in the iCloud Preferences.

The Template Card

Each Template Card has the following properties:

  • The Title of the Preset
  • The Size of the Preset expressed in px, mm, in, or pt depending on the format
  • The Aspect Ratio values of the Preset

Each Card also contains contains a three dots button. Tap it once to access the Template Options.

To create a new document with the Preset characteristics, simply tap anywhere on the Card.

Before creating a document, you can also decide its orientation as Portrait (A) or Landscape format by tapping the button at the top right of the Document Picker.

Custom Document Template Vectornator
⚠️ The orientation toggle only applies to the Paper and Devices formats.

Creating a Custom-Size Document

Creating a new document in the specific size you need is easy. From the Document Picker tap the Custom Size button or the 3 dots button at the bottom right corner of each Preset Template. This will automatically bring up the Template Options on the right side of the Doc Picker.

Here you can set the following properties:

A - the Document Name,
B - check / edit the size,
C - set the units,
D - save it as a template.

Then tap the Create button (E), and the new document will open automatically.

Custom Document Template Vectornator

Creating a New Template Document

Since Vectornator 4.2, you can now create your own custom Document Templates.

To create a new Template Document, switch on the toggle Save Custom Template (1) in the Template Options, choose a Name (2) for your Template, and then tap Create (3). A new document with the chosen options will open automatically.

You can access all your saved Document Templates by going to the Custom category in the sidebar. It also contains your Screen-sized Template (A) which is automatically generated based on the screen size of your device.

Custom Document Template Vectornator

If you're looking for a specific template, you can always search for it by using the Search Bar at the top.

Search Vectornator Document Template

Video Recap

Watch the video below for diving deep into the Vectornator Document Picker on iPad, on how to create new documents, save custom templates, and more.

Organizing Documents

Creating Folders

In the Gallery, the best way to organize your projects is by sorting them into folders.

There are three ways to create a new folder:

01 – simply press and hold on one of your documents, then drag it on top of another document. Release to create a new folder.

02 – Long-press any document and then select “New folder with selected document”. A new folder will automatically be created, containing the selected docuemnt.

03 – Tap “Create new Folder” button at the top right corner of your screen.

Removing a document from a Folder

To remove a document from a folder, press and hold onto the document. Then press the back button with another finger to exit the folder. Then, drag and release to drop the document where you want it to be placed.

Pro Tip – You can put folder inside other folder using the same method, just drag one on top of the other. You can rename a document or folder by tapping on the title.

iCloud Drive

Vectornator now supports iCloud Sync. You can now store your Vectornator document files on the iCloud Drive space, accessing it from the Sidebar.

Your documents will be automatically synced, and any changes you make in iCloud will be synced across all of your devices on which you have Vectornator installed.‍


⚠️ Important Note: The documents saved in Vectornator 4.4 are not compatible with previous versions of Vectornator.

Document Sync

The Vectornator documents visible in the new iCloud Drive will be saved on your cloud storage, instead of taking up your valuable iPad space.

When a document is not downloaded from iCloud, there will be a cloud icon on the top left corner of the document to indicate users need to download it.

iCloud Document Sync Vectornator

Problem to sync your files? Read more here ->

Moving Documents from iCloud Drive to On my iPad

You can move documents saved in the iCloud Drive to On my iPad (and vice versa) by long-pressing the Document thumbnail in the Gallery. From the Widget menu, select “Move to my iPad” (1) to move your file.

Tap “Delete”(2) instead, if you want to erase your file permanently.

Moving Documents from iCloud Drive

Import Tab

Since Version 4.2, Vectornator has a tab solely for importing documents. You can access it by tapping on the + button (1) at the top right corner of the Gallery and then selecting Import (2).

Import Button Vectornator

Once tapped, the new Import Tab will pop up where you can find a Drag & Drop area (A) which shows you the supported file formats in Vectornator and are supported in Vectornator and four separate cards that allow you to import from your Photos App (B), scan files from your Camera device (C), import your Figma documents (D), and import sketches made with your Wacom Bamboo Slate (E).

Import Tab Vectornator
LearnHow to Import Documents to Vectornator ➞
Learn Vectornator
Learn how to create your next design by using this Vectornator sample document.

The Sidebar

On the left, you'll find the Sidebar menu in which you can access:

1 - Your iCloud Drive space, where all your documents are automatically synced across all of your devices in which you have Vectornator installed.

2 – Your Gallery On my iPad, where you can store your local files.

3 – The Vectornator News, linked to our V. Blog.

4 – The Learn Tab, your in-App access to our learning resources.

5 - The Vectornator Settings, to change your preferences, access the Font Library, and more

You can collapse or open the Sidebar by tapping the button (A) at the top left corner of the Homescreen.

Homescreen Sidebar Vectornator

At the top right corner you also find the Help Menu, tap on the ? button (B) to open.

Learn Tab

Your in-App resource for helping you master vector design and new ways of approaching design challenges. In this Learn how to use the tools in Vectornator with our step-by-step guides in the Learning Hub, Video Tutorials, and more.

Learn Tab Vectornator

News Section

From the App, you can get access to all the most recent Vectornator news updates, tutorials, and articles in real-time. You can find this section by tapping the News button (1) in the Sidebar. To access an article or piece of content, simply tap on its card.

News Tab Vectornator

Vectornator Settings

You can access the Vectornator Settings by tapping the Settings button in the Homescreen Sidebar (1). Here you can:

A - Get to know which version of Vectornator you're currently using.
B - Access your Font Library: This will bring you directly to the Fontinator App to access all your custom fonts.
C - Subscribe to our Newsletter, get in contact with our Support Team, activate Notifications to keep up-to-date with our latest news, and access the Privacy Policy.
D - Access our main Social Media channels.
E - Access to your Preferences.

Vectornator Settings
If you're using Vectornator on your Mac, visit our latest Mac-dedicated Learning Hub ➞
Download the PDF version here.
Last Updated on Nov 29, 2022
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