Gestures & Shortcuts

The controls will never get in the way of your art again with these intuitive gestures & shortcuts.


This unique gesture for iPad and iPhone allows you to learn more about each feature inside Vectornator by long pressing any element in the interface.

Help Button

There’s also a new button inside the Vectornator Interface, placed at the left of the Inspector Bar that will help you discover this new feature.

Moving the Canvas

Use a two-finger drag to move around the document and pan the canvas. On Mac, you can use the trackpad.

As you can see, the entire Vectornator User Interface disappears when interacting with the illustration. This behaviour can be deactivated by going to the Document Settings > Magic Canvas.

Zoom in & out on the Canvas

To zoom in, you can pinch outwards and to zoom out you can pinch inwards with two fingers.

Also, to quickly fit the full illustration into the canvas you can simply tap the same button inside the Navigation Bar.

On Mac, you can zoom in & out using the pinch gesture on a trackpad, by clicking on the Zoom button inside the Toolbar (center left) and using your mouse’s scroll wheel.

There are also a few zoom shortcuts:

<key>⌘+<key> Zoom In</key></key>

<key>⌘-<key> Zoom Out</key></key>

<key>⌘0<key> Zoom to Fit</key></key>

<key>⌃⌘F<key></key></key> Enter/Exit Full Screen.

Rotate the Canvas

Rotate using two finger on the screen of your iPad or iPhone to rotate the document.

In the Navigation Bar, that small dot around the zoom percentage shows you the correct rotation state of your canvas.

You can also lock the Canvas Rotation by switching off the button in the Settings Tab.

On Mac, you can use the 2 fingers rotation on the trackpad, moving clockwise or counterclockwise.


Use the two-finger tap to Undo.

You can always undo also by tapping the dedicated button inside the Navigation Bar.

In Vectornator, you can undo your actions all the way to the blank canvas that you started with… even after closing the document. (Up to 10,000 actions)

Using a keyboard you can use the beloved <key>⌘Z<key></key></key> shortcut.


Use the three-finger tap to Redo.

Or tap the redo button inside the Navigation Bar.

Lock the Aspect Ratio

While drawing or resizing objects, hold a second finger on the canvas in order to lock the aspect ratio of the path. In this way you can easily draw perfect circle & squares.

On Mac, you simply need to hold the Shift <key>⇧<key></key></key> button. Or lock the proportions of your shape by activating the lock button inside the Inspector.

TIP: To lock the aspect ratio and keep the proportions of your object, you can also activate the Lock/Unlock Size button inside the Arrange Tab.

Layers Gestures

Work faster and more efficiently with these simple swipes.

Select a layer

Swipe right to select more than a layer at once. An "x" (1) will appear while swiping.

Access to the Layers Options

Swipe left on any layer to quickly:

1 - Export this single layer

2 - Duplicate the layer

3 - Delete the layer

Changing Node Types

As explained in the Path Section, in Vectornator, there are 4 types of nodes. To change them, you can use the CAO Node type Section that appears at the top of the Style Tab anytime you activate the Node Tool. Or, you can use 3 useful gestures combo (and shortcuts) while using the Pen Tool to draw your path.

1. Holding the canvas with a second finger, while dragging the Pencil, will change the Node into “disconnected” type. In this way, you will be able to move handles independently and change the direction of the next curve.

2. Holding 2 fingers on the canvas will enable 45º snapping on both handles. If you use a Mac, hold <key></key>Shift<key> to constrain the angle of the segment to a multiple of 45°. </key>

3. Holding 3 fingers on the canvas will enable 45º snapping on one handle. Using the keyboard, hold Option <key>⌥<key></key></key> key.

Double Tapping on any selected anchor point will turn the node into "straight" type.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are the fastest way to speed up your workflow. Many of them depend on what you’ve selected and what you’re doing, but you’ll find the full list below.

The Vectornator Shortcuts work seamlessly across all your devices, whether you are using Vectornator Pro for Mac or Vectornator X on your iPad and iPhone.

TIP: All the Keyboard Shortcuts can be used with the Apple Magic Keyboard or any external keyboard paired to your iPad.

In Vectornator X for iPad, you can get access to the list of the most common shortcuts by pressing <key>⌥+⌘<key>.</key></key>

Inside Vectornator Pro on Mac, you can always have access to them by going to Help > Keyboard Shortcuts, or you can press <key>⇧⌘0<key>.</key></key>

File Menu Shortcuts

<key>⌘N<key> New</key></key>

<key>⌘W<key> Close</key></key>

<key>⌘S<key> Save</key></key>

<key>⌘Z<key> Undo</key></key>

Navigational Shortcuts

They save you from wasting time panning and zooming on the canvas.

<key>⌘0<key> Scale and position your view to show everything on the canvas</key></key>

Spacebar + drag Pan the canvas. It activates the Hand Tool (H).

<key>↑<key></key></key> or <key>↓<key> Zoom in and out</key></key>

Tools Shortcuts

<key>A<key> Selection</key></key>

<key>S<key> Direct Selection</key></key>

<key>E<key> Eraser</key></key>

<key>W<key> Freehand (Pencil)</key></key>

<key>P<key> Pen</key></key>

<key>B<key> Brush</key></key>

<key>X<key> Scissor</key></key>

<key>T<key> Text</key></key>

<key>H<key> Hand </key></key>

<key>R<key> Rectangle</key></key>

<key>L<key> Line</key></key>

<key>O<key> Circle</key></key>

<key>I<key> Eyedropper</key></key>

<key>⇧R<key> Rotation</key></key>

<key>⇧S<key> Scaling</key></key>

<key>⇥ <key> (tab)Previous Tool</key></key>

Path Menu Shortcuts

<key>⇧⌘+<key> Unite</key></key>

<key>⇧⌘-<key> Subtract</key></key>

<key>⇧⌘E<key> Exclude</key></key>

<key>⇧⌘I<key> Intersect</key></key>

<key>⇧⌘\<key> Divide</key></key>

<key>⌘7<key> Mask</key></key>

<key>⇧⌘7<key> Unmask</key></key>

<key>⌃⇧C<key> Combine</key></key>

<key>⌃⇧S<key> Separate</key></key>

<key>⌃⇧R<key> Reverse</key></key>

<key>⌃⇧J<key> Join Paths</key></key>

<key>⌃⇧A<key> Add Anchor Points</key></key>

<key>⌃⌘O<key> Outline</key></key>

<key>⌃⌘P<key> Text on Path</key></key>

Editing Shapes Shortcuts

<key>⇧ + drag<key> Move along the X or Y axis</key></key>

<key>⌘D<key> </key></key>Duplicate & Transform Again

<key>⌥ + drag<key> Duplicate</key></key>

<key>⇧ + resize<key> </key></key>Resize keeping the aspect ratio

<key>⌥ + resize<key> Resize from the center</key></key>

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