Shortcuts & Gestures

The controls will never get in the way of your art again with these intuitive gestures & shortcuts.

TIP: All the Keyboard shortcuts can be used also with Vectornator X on iPad using the Apple magic Keyboard or any external keyboard.

Moving the Canvas

Use a two-finger drag to move around the document.

As you can see, the entire Vectornator User Interface disappears when interacting with the illustration. This behaviour can be deactivated by going to the Document Settings > Magic Canvas.

Zoom in & out on the canvas

To zoom in, you can pinch outwards and to zoom out you can pinch inwards with your fingers.

Also, to quickly fit the full illustration into the canvas you can simply tap the same button inside the Navigation Bar (top left of your iPad).

On Mac, you can zoom in & out using the pinch gesture on a trackpad, by clicking on the Zoom button inside the Toolbar (center left) and using your mouse’s scroll wheel.

There are also a few zoom shortcuts:

⌘+ Zoom In

⌘- Zoom Out

⌘0 Zoom to Fit

⌃⌘F Enter/Exit Full Screen.

Undo & Redo

Use the two-finger tap to Undo or the three-finger tap to Redo.

Of course, you can always undo or redo by tapping the two dedicated buttons inside the Navigation Bar.


Keyboard shortcuts are the fastest way to speed up your workflow. Many of them depend on what you’ve selected and what you’re doing, but you’ll find the full list below.

The Vectornator Shortcuts work seamlessly across all your devices, whether you are using  Vectornator Pro or Vectornator X.

Link to Magic Keyboard

General Shortcuts


A Selection

S Direct Selection

E Eraser

W Freehand (Pencil)

P Pen

B Brush

X Scissor

T Text

H Hand

R Rectangle

L Line

O Circle

I Eyedropper

⇧ R Rotation

⇧S Scaling

⇥ (tab)Previous Tool

File Menu

⌘N New

⌘W Close

⌘S Save

Path Menu

⇧⌘+ Unite

⇧⌘ -Subtract

⇧⌘E Exclude

⇧⌘I Intersect




⌃⇧C Combine

⌃⇧S Separate

⌃⇧R Reverse

⌃⇧J Join Paths

⌃⇧A Add Anchor Points

⌃⌘O Outline

⌃⌘P Text on Path

TIP: Inside Vectornator Pro, you can always have access to them by going to Help > Keyboard Shortcuts

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