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<path fill-rule="evenodd" clip-rule="evenodd" d="M17.2385 3.66773C16.2865 2.76405 14.7868 2.77951 13.8538 3.70263L3.71881 13.7293C2.79076 14.6474 2.75709 16.1336 3.64261 17.0926L7.02919 20.7604C7.17021 20.9131 7.36883 21 7.57696 21H19.2222C19.6335 21 19.967 20.6673 19.967 20.2569C19.967 19.8465 19.6335 19.5138 19.2222 19.5138H12.5946L21.2784 10.9509C22.2326 10.01 22.2416 8.47536 21.2986 7.52327C21.2811 7.50557 21.2633 7.48814 21.2452 7.47098L17.2385 3.66773ZM14.9026 4.75802C15.2635 4.40095 15.8435 4.39497 16.2118 4.74452L20.2185 8.54777C20.2254 8.5544 20.2323 8.56114 20.2391 8.56799C20.6039 8.93627 20.6004 9.52986 20.2313 9.89382L14.4569 15.5878L9.38206 10.2195L14.9026 4.75802Z" fill="currentColor"/>
Eraser Tool

Eraser Tool

The Eraser Tool allows you to delete content from your document. It behaves just like a rubber eraser on your paper canvas. It will erase any area of an object along the path you draw.

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Activate the Eraser Tool

To activate the Eraser Tool simply tap on the Eraser icon ~ic-eraser~~ic-eraser~ inside the Toolbar, or press ~key~E~key~ on your keyboard.

Eraser Tool on the Tool Bar in Vectornator

How to Use the Eraser Tool

To erase something, simply activate the Eraser Tool ~ic-eraser~~ic-eraser~ and then draw (tap and drag around) on the canvas. Drawing fully across any shapes underneath your eraser's path will split them into multiple objects. These objects can then be moved and edited independently.

How to Erase Only One Object

To erase only one object on your canvas, select this object first using the Selection ~ic-selection~~ic-selection~ or Node Tool ~ic-node~~ic-node~. In this way, you will automatically exclude any other objects on your canvas.

How to Erase Only One Layer

Layers ~ic-layers-tab~~ic-layers-tab~ have an important role in this specific case: by locking a layer, you can basically exclude the elements in that layer from the erasing operation.

In other words, if you want to erase just one part of a specific element in your canvas, you need to lock the other layers so that they won't be erased when you draw with the Eraser Tool.

Final Notes | The Eraser Tool

Using the Eraser is a destructive operation and you can only undo it once.
・The Eraser Tool works only with vector shapes, not images. This means that you can't erase part of your imported image.
・The Eraser Tool does not work with grouped or masked objects.

Note – We recommend to use the Scissor Tool ~ic-scissor~~ic-scissor~ to edit open paths, and the Eraser Tool ~ic-eraser~~ic-eraser~ to cut closed shapes.

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Last Updated on Oct 24, 2022
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