When you select any path, shape or image in Vectornator, you can edit its style properties inside the Inspector.

The Style Sections

By Opening the Style Tab, you'll see 3 main Sections in which you can control everything about the Fill (1), Stroke (2) and Shadow (3) properties of the object.

Each Section shows different Content Aware Options in the form of Sliders or sub-menus.

The top part of each card shows a preview (1) of the main info of your colors' shape:

A > The set Color Fill/Stroke of the selected element. By tapping it, you will have access to the Color Picker.

B > The Eyedropper allows you to sample a color from anywhere on the canvas. Please notice that the Fill eyedropper will pick only the fill color.

C > In here, you have displayed the HEX code of the selected color. Tap it to immediately access the Keypad and change it.

D > It allows you to switch between fill and stroke colors, or shadow and stroke colors.

E > By tapping this button, it allows you to display or hide the fill or the stroke of the selected object.


Inside the Fill section you can manage

(2) the Corner Radius of your shape,

(3) the Opacity,

(4) choosing different Blend Modes,

(5) editing the Blur effect.

You can always access the Color Picker by tapping the Color Well or simply change the HEX Color by tapping on it.


Inside the Stroke section you can set:

(2) the Stroke Width of your path,

(3) add defined Arrowheads at the end of your line,

(4) create a dashed line by specifying the length of the dashes and gaps in between each dash,

(5) editing the Cap and Join of your path.

As for the Fill Card, you can access the Color Picker by tapping the Color Well.


From the Arrows Section (3) you can manage the two endings of your path with arrowheads control.

Simply select one of the available arrowhead to change the end of each side of the path, and you can mix them all.

You can choose among a variety of different endings as arrows, points, dashes, and more.


By activating the Shadow Card, new options will show up:

(2) you can visualize the rotation of your shadow and change the angle by simply tapping on the button,

(3) have a Live Preview of how the shadow is applied on a model object,

(4) edit the Blur effect of your shadow,

(5) change the Offset.

The Color Picker

The Color Picker is a card that will shown up by tapping (or clicking) the Color Well close to any fill, stroke or shadow, inside the corresponding Color Card within the Style Tab.

To open the Color Picker Tab, simply tap the Color Well Icon, pick your color from the wheel or insert a HEX code. To close it, simply swipe it down.

You can also easily move inside the Color Well to change the color in live-preview.

Inside the Color Picker Card, you can have access to two different Tabs in which manage the colors.

In Vectornator, you can simply moving your finger on the Color Weel (1), insert the HEX code (2), inserting the correct values in RGB and HSB Space.

Personal Color Palette

Tap + to add a new color.

Hold a saved color to Delete.

Hold & move around.

Color Blending



Back to Front

Read our cool blog on How to Create a Color Palette in Vectornator using the Color Blending Options.

Color Adjustments



The Gradient Editor

The gradient choices available in Vectornator are the linear and the radial gradient but working with both of them is quite similar.

Linear gradients are usually the most common, where two colors appear at opposite points of an object and will blend into each other.

Linear & Radial Gradients

After selecting your shape, tap to fill and the Color Palette will show up. Tap again to choose the type of gradient you want to apply.

Editing Gradients

Each of the gradient colors is represented by a circle in the Gradient Bar.

The selected color will have a bigger circle than the others.

Any of those circles you can:

Tap on to set the color via the Color Picker. Updating one of these color circle will immediately update the gradient live.

Drag to move and change the gradient smoothness.

Add a new Color to your Gradient

Simply tap everywhere in the slider to add a new color.

Double tap in the middle of the gradient editor to distribute color points.

Slide across the middle area of the gradient editor to flip the color points.

TIP: Updating one of these color circles will immediately update the gradient of your shape.

Removing a Color from a Gradient

Hold and drop down to remove a color from the gradient you created.

Change the Direction Angle of a Gradient

Drag a gradient handle on the canvas to change the position and angle of a gradient.

Download the PDF version here.
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