When you select any path, shape or image in Vectornator, you can edit its style properties inside the Inspector.

The Color Picker

The Color Picker Tab is a card that will shown up by tapping (or clicking) the color well close to any fill, stroke or shadow, inside the Style Tab.

To open the Color Picker Tab, simply tap the Color Well Icon, pick your color from the wheel or insert a HEX code.‍

You can also easily move inside the Color Well to change the color in live-preview.

Inside the Color Picker Card, you can have access to two different Tabs in which manage the colors based on the values expressed in:

RGB (Red, Green, Blue)

HSB (Hue, Saturation, Brightness)

You can also insert directly the HEX Code.

Personal Color Palette

Tap + to add a new color

Hold a saved color to Delete

Hold & move around

Color Blending



Back to Front

Color Adjustments



The Gradient Editor

The gradient choices available in Vectornator are the linear and the radial gradient but working with both of them is quite similar.

Linear gradients are usually the most common, where two colors appear at opposite points of an object and will blend into each other.

On the left you see the Linear Gradient fill the square, on the right the Radial Gradient using the same colors.

Adding Gradients

After selecting your shape, tap to fill and the Color Palette will show up. Tap again to choose the type of gradient you want to apply.

Editing Gradients

Each of the gradient colors is represented by a circle in the Gradient Bar.

The selected color will have a bigger circle than the others.

Any of those circles you can:

  • tap on to set the color via the Color Picker. Updating one of these color circle will immediately update the gradient live. IMAGE
  • drag to move and change the gradient smoothness IMAGE
  • tap to add a new color to your gradient IMAGE
  • Double tap in the middle of the gradient editor to distribute color points.
  • Slide across the middle area of the gradient editor to flip the color points.
TIP: updating one of these color circles will immediately update the gradient of your shape.

Removing a color from the Gradient

Hold and drop down to remove a color from the gradient you created.

Change the direction angle of the Gradient

Drag a gradient handle on the canvas to change the position and angle of a gradient.

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