Isometric Grid

isometric grid
Isometric Composition made with Vectornator

The Isometric Grid is an absolute game changer for designs. It enables designers to create work with an incredible 3D appeal that just makes their work stand out. If you’re in the design world, you must know this tool in and out to leverage that “pop” aesthetic and take your design game to the next level.

What is an isometric grid?

The isometric grid itself is basically the guideline to have the right angles when drawing from an isometric perspective.

The “true isometric grid” has a 30º angle between the x and z axes to the plane. Graphic design software like Vectornator offers the feature to easily edit the angle of the isometric grid. Also, you are able to increase & decrease the size of the grid which is super helpful if you want to add for example a small balcony on your isometric housing.

isometric grid

What is isometric grid paper?

If you want to draw on a classic paper, you should definitely download isometric grid paper templates and print them. They are super accurate and come in different sizes. The best part? A lot of them are available for free. When you are looking for a thicker more art proven paper, you can also buy an isometric grid paper notebook.

Check out this video how to draw on an isometric grid paper:

How do you draw an isometric grid?

In less intuitive graphic design tools like Adobe Illustrator, you are forced to draw/create an isometric grid by using the rectangular grid tool to create a basic grid first. After that, you need to scale your grid to the right size. Then, you shear the grid to get the angles as we previously discussed. At the end, you need to rotate the grid again.
After all those steps, you are able to use your self-made isometric grid as a guideline for isometric projection.

Luckily, intuitive software tools like Vectornator nowadays offer a much easier intuitive solution where you are easily able to create an isometric grid with one tap while still having the chance to resize it in your design process. We will show you how to do all of that in the following paragraphs.

Drawing an isometric grid on paper is rather hard and we would not recommend it. Better buy a relatively cheap isometric notebook or use your digital pen + a great tool like Vectornator.

How to create & use an Isometric Grid in Vectornator

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Set the Grid

Vectornator now supports two types of grids: a Perpendicular (square grid) and the newest Isometric grid. You can easily choose the type of Grid you would like to use by opening the Settings and then Canvas Tab. Then, adjust Grid Spacing and the Grid Angle (only on the Isometric Grid), insert the values that suit you and start making path-perfect vector designs much faster.

Use the Grid

You can only apply grids to singular Artboards. It's also important to note that the Grid will be displayed on the active Artboard. Also, when you have a grid set up, you can decide to snap your paths to it by enabling or switching the button you find in the Settings > Snapping Tab.

use the isometric grid

Looking for inspiration?

There are many examples that will help you get more creative such as these Lettering Design Illustrations. Share your designs with us, we would love to see what our awesome community is up to! ♡

You can also watch this tutorial on How To Design A Great Isometric Logo In Vectornator with Will Paterson:


To sum up, the isometric grid is an awesome “tool” to create outstanding artworks. To be able to reach out to the full potential you should use intuitive and powerful graphic design software.

As we already said, Vectornator is offering such an experience on the iPad, iPhone and Mac which is one of the reasons why we reached 2M downloads.

And the best thing you can get Vectornator now and start today creating your isometric drawing on your iPad, iPhone, and Mac!

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Written by Timur Köklü.