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iCloud Sync Troubleshooting

iCloud Sync Troubleshooting

iCloud Sync Issues? No worries, we've got you covered.

We collected here some of the issues you could encounter when using the iCloud and Vectornator. Here's how to resolve iCloud syncing issues and get it working again.

My iPhone is not syncing with the data on my iPad and Mac

→ Make sure iCloud Drive is enabled on all the devices using the same Apple ID

In the Settings app of your iPad, go to “iCloud”, search for the Vectornator App, and switch the toggle to ON.

→ Use the same Apple ID / iCloud account on all your devices

Open the Settings app of your iPad, then select "Your name" and verify that the same account is registered to each device on which you're using Vectornator.

On Mac, head to System Preferences > Apple ID and check which account is currently associated with the device.

⚠️ You can only have one iCloud account active at a time, so make sure they match up. If they don't, you will need to sign out of the incorrect account and log in with the correct credentials.

I can't download the document onto my iPhone

When in Vectornator, I want to download my document with the "cloud" icon in the top right corner, but it says I can't download it.

Document Status iCloud Sync
Extra ResourceDocument Status

Ensure that iCloud Drive and Vectornator can use Cellular data.

If you’re using cellular data, see if iCloud and Vectornator have permission to use cellular data (Settings > Cellular)

Make sure there is enough free space on your device & in your iCloud account.

Check whether your iCloud backup exists or not via the Settings app on your iPad

Under your iCloud account > Manage storage > Vectornator: Vector design.

I can't access my Vectornator Files on my iPad

When you open Vectornator and access the iCloud Drive Tab, it shows the message "iCloud Drive is currently off".

→ Ensure you've enabled iCloud for Vectornator

 iCloud Drive Sync

Your iCloud Drive needs to be enabled if you want to use the same document across different devices. In the Settings app of your iPad, go to “iCloud”, search for the Vectornator App, and switch the toggle to ON.

I have my iCloud Drive ON but I cannot open my documents in Vectornator

My iCloud is showing as ON in the iPad Settings, and I can see my documents in my iCloud Drive folder, but the documents are not shown in the app.

Restart your devices; this usually fixes any minor issues.

Try turning off and re-enabling the iCloud to see if Vectornator will sync back properly.

You can do this via the iPad’s Settings app > Your iCloud account > iCloud > Scroll down to the Vectornator App and toggle the switch OFF and ON.

Finally, try signing off and on from your iCloud account.

You can do this via the iPad’s Settings app > Your iCloud account > Sign out.

I have airdropped a file from my iPad to Mac, but I get the Error 998 message

I exported a Vectornator document from my iPad to Mac using Airdrop, but when I try to open the doc on Mac I get the error 998 message.

 iCloud Drive Sync

Try turning off and re-enabling the iCloud to see if Vectornator will sync back properly.

You can do this via the iPad’s Settings app > Your iCloud account > iCloud > Scroll down to the Vectornator App and toggle the switch OFF and ON.

Extra ResourceSyncing iCloud files in Vectornator

My document is stuck on loading on my Mac

When on Mac, I try to open a document which has not being download yet and the loading is stuck.

Restart your Mac as this usually fixes any minor issues.


Apart from the above issues, if you’re noticing that the syncing is taking more time than necessary in Vectornator, this might depend on your connection speed as well.

And remember that if you want to remove a Vectornator document from your iCloud Drive and access it only on your internal storage, please tap on "Move to my iPad" (1) instead of "Delete" (2).

<step>Other Resources<step>

How to set up iCloud Drive on your Mac →
Manage your iCloud Drive files while offline →
Manage your iCloud Storage →

Hopefully these tips helped you clear up your iCloud Drive issues, but if you have more questions, feel free to reach out to us in the Forum →

Download the PDF version here.
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