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Fontinator helps you import, install, and create your own library of custom fonts on your iPhone and iPad.

Custom fonts

Custom is like a magic word.

It allows for creative self-expression and freedom. Every designer wants to be unique, different, and special. Who wants to use the same ol’ fonts in their design? Not us. Same goes for many brands, clients, or hardcore designers.

There are myriad considerations when creating and using custom typefaces, so you wouldn’t want your tool to get in the way of this already complicated (yet beautiful) process.

Why did we create Fontinator?

When iOS 14 came about, Apple changed the way users access custom fonts on their iPhones and iPads.

It became a problem, not just for us as app developers, but for designers, artists, and others within the creative field everywhere.

After we heard the news, we gave ourselves the impossible mission to finalize within a very short week a fully-functioning, beautiful looking, completely integrated app that will allow users to seamlessly use custom fonts on their iPhone or iPad. Shout-out to our CEO for initiating the project! Trailblazers be trailblazing.

What is Fontinator

And so Fontinator was born.

Fontinator will make your life easier while designing because it allows you to import any font file format (.TTF, .OTF) and install it directly onto your iPhone or iPad.

Your new custom fonts are just a few tap-tap-taps away and will work on any app that supports them, like Pages, Keynote, and of course, Vectornator.

You can preview your fonts and font families, and you can add or delete fonts to your liking. Plus, you can open any installed font directly in Vectornator and jump right into your work!

How to use it

First of all, head to the Apple store and install Fontinator for free.

<key>1<key>To import a brand new font, tap the ⊕ button at the top center of the app. Can’t miss it.

<key>2<key>Then access the folder where you saved your fonts (either on your iPhone/iPad or in the iCloud Drive) and make your selection. Selection, as in you can select more than one font at once. That’s a pro tip for you.

<key>3<key>These fonts will appear under the ‘Need Installation section’.

<key>4<key>Go right ahead and install them by hitting the ‘Install fonts’ button.

<key>5<key>A new screen will appear with ‘Download this Profile’.

<key>6<key>Make sure to tap that, "Allow" download and move on to your iPhone or iPad settings. Almost there!

<key>7<key>In the General Settings, go to Profile Downloaded.

<key>8<key>There you should tap ‘Install’ on the upper right corner. Voila. We’re all done!

<key>9<key>You can always check if your Profile is installed by going to Settings > General > Profile.

Once your fonts are installed in Fontinator, you can find them in Vectornator inside the Font Picker. They’re all waiting to be used for your next creative project!

Want to play around with these new fonts or even design your own? Then head to our Learning Hub section fully dedicated to editing text.

Download the PDF version here.
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