What is the Best Alternative to Inkscape?

Inkscape is an open-source vector graphics editing platform. It is primarily used for designing simple vector projects. However, Inkscape's tools and user experience falls short in most areas, especially on macOS. On this page, you’ll learn why more and more designers are making the decision to switch to Vectornator over Inkscape.

Why Choose Vectornator Over Inkscape?

Pen Tool
Slow Performance
Isometric Grid
3rd Party Pencils
Figma Import
Sketch Import
Unsplash & Iconator
Available for iPad + iPhone
Vectornator is App Of The Day
23000 reviews fro Vectornator
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What Am I Looking At?

The Inkscape user interface leaves a lot to be desired. It shares some similarities with Adobe Illustrator - many of its functions are hidden beneath complex submenus.

But Vectornator has an intuitive UI that drastically reduces the learning curve for new designers just getting into vector drawing. Plus, our templates and tutorials help smooth the process even more.

Lackluster Hardware Integration

Inkscape doesn't have an iPad or iPhone app, which means they don't support the use of an Apple Pencil for your vector drawing. In fact, they don't support the use of a third-party stylus at all!

But with Vectornator, you can work on Mac, iPad, or iPhone, and you can use whichever drawing tool you feel most comfortable with. Our goal is to give graphic designers the ability to use high-quality design tools that will support their chosen vector graphics editor.

Vectornator Feels at Home in the Apple Ecosystem

If you love the Apple user experience, opening Inkscape for the first time might be a bit jarring. The MacOS version especially feels out of place.

This is one reason why Vectornator is becoming the industry standard in the Apple ecosystem: It's built to be cross-platform across all your Apple devices, including iOS and iPad. Since Vectornator is built to feel like an Apple application, it integrates seamlessly into your graphic design workflow.

Limited Third-Party Importing Options

While Inkscape supports the classic import options of PNG, EPS, PDF, and SVG files, it doesn't support third-party document importing for file types like Figma, Illustrator, or Sketch. Vectornator supports all three of these file formats, allowing you to work on your image editing in combination with whatever platform is the most convenient.

Inkscape doesn't have an integrated library of vector content, but in Vectornator, you can access over 80k royalty-free icons and Apple SF Symbols to use in your designs. Plus, you can even use our in-app Unsplash integration to import royalty-free images directly into your projects. And with Auto Trace, you can use your favorite images as the foundation for some fantastic vector art! Web designers take note!
In Vectornator, you can use the Isolate Active Layer feature to focus on the Layer that you’re working on and hide all other layers from view. When the Isolate Active Layer switch is enabled, only the paths in the active layer are editable, and all other elements are locked. This lets you work on one specific layer at a time without fear of altering the rest of your project! This is great for UI and UX design, as well as typography!
Inkscape also lacks Vectornator’s unique Time Lapse feature, which allows you to export

a video showing a time-lapse of your vector illustration from beginning to end. This type of video is ideal for sharing your creative process with an audience over social media.

How to Switch From Inkscape to Vectornator?

Switching has never been easier with the broad import options Vectornator offers.

Download Vectornator

Any Questions?

What are other free alternatives to Inkscape?

There are many other free alternative options for graphic design software out there. If you want a web app that can help you with page layout, try Canva. You could also try out options like Affinity Designer, Gravit Designer, or Vectr.

But if you're looking for a platform with vector editing tools that allow you to draw freehand vector shapes and edit them with powerful Boolean operations, try Vectornator! It's the best free alternative to Inkscape.

Does it matter what operating system I'm using?

No matter what operating system you're using, there's an option for you. If you're on Mac, and looking to work with vector graphics, Vectornator is a perfect choice. Not only can you work for free on your Mac, but you can work on your projects on iPad and iOS as well!

If you're on Microsoft Windows or Linux (sorry Android) and looking to work with raster images, gradients, CMYK colors, and photo editing, Gimp can be a good choice! Since it's open-source, Gimp also has a wide library of plugins that allow it to be customized to your liking. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with vector graphics.

What about a premium option?

There are many expensive graphic design platforms out there. For instance, CorelDraw is one of the most costly vector graphics platforms you can buy. They support complicated use cases, like CAD drawing, but overall their user interface is archaic and hard to use.

For a more intuitive premium experience, give Vectornator a try today! We've built our platform to be easy to pick up and use, but powerful enough to keep up with you as you learn.

Get started with Vectornator today.

Vectornator runs on iPadOS 14 & iOS 14 and later,
or macOS Big Sur and later (with native M1 support).