Vectornator is an intuitive vector graphic design software that empowers you to design anything you can imagine. Create sophisticated illustrations.
Used by leading brands

Pen Tool.  
The beast behind every illustration.

Every powerful design tool has a Pen tool at its core. With Vectornator you will have the best experience effortlessly creating complex and detailed paths thanks to our next generation Pen tool workflow.
  • Pen gesture support
  • Path options
  • Node types
  • Node tool

Desktop level precision? We got this.

With Vectornator, we crafted a set of features that help you design in the most precise and innovative way — with your finger. Whenever you need the trackpad just grab one and experience the future of illustrating.

The only limit is your creativity.

The fact is, most of you professional illustrators rely on a drawing tablet to achieve your high quality work. Whether you prefer a keyboard and mouse, a digital pencil, a touchscreen, or a drawing tablet to create your design, Vectornator supports all forms of input that you need on both desktop and mobile platforms, which makes your experience unforgettable.
  • Apple Pencil
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Wacom Slate
  • Touch support
  • Wacom Pencil
  • Mouse and Trackpad

The biggest thing
to happen to illustrators since 1987.

Bringing a unique new graphic design experience to all your devices ranging from your iPhone and iPad to your Mac Pro enabling a new level of mobility. With Vectornator, you can design from anywhere. Whether you're at the desk, on a train, or at the beach, just pop out your iPad and start your next project.
  • Desktop workflow on mobile devices
  • Unified codebase
Liam Brazier
Digital Illustration Artist
An Illustration Machine.
”Vectornator has truly made my iPad Pro a professional illustration machine. It simply works the way I work, with the recognisable tools I need to create vector artwork from start to finish.“
clients include

Create without constraint.

Vectornator lets you import and export your documents at ease, with minimal effort, all of your industry standard design files are already supported. You can simply drag and drop any file like PDF, Ai, SVG, Sketch or Figma into your canvas. Work was never that much fun.
  • Drag and drop import
  • Files app support
  • Split view

Continuity from start to finish.

We want to make your lives easier, not harder. We know that some tools are better for specific things and every tool has its pros and cons. We want to give you the best design experience possible where you decide what tool you use for each stage. Whether you want to continue with your files with Adobe Illustrator or any other tool. Your choice.
  • Import AI, PDF, SVG, Sketch, Figma, PNG, JPG
  • Export Ai, PDF, SVG, PNG, JPG

One tool to rule them all.

On top of providing great tools for creating illustrations, Vectornator is great for other design cases too!  For instance, you can create all your interface, lettering and print designs right inside Vectornator; no need to switch to another tool.