How to Update to Vectornator 3.5.4

Your Complete Guide to migrate your files.

As we add support for the M1-powered Macs, you need to re-download Vectornator on your Mac in order to keep receiving updates in the future.

Migrate your files and assets to the new version by following this tutorial:


Let’s get your files ready.

If you have any Unsaved Documents or User Templates, you may want to move them to the new Vectornator.

Before we start, please make sure that Vectornator is closed.

Migrate your files by following the steps:

Use Shift + Command + G and navigate to: ~/Library/Containers/
Use Shift + Command + G and navigate to:

One last step

Delete the old Vectornator located in the Applications folder.

Done! 🎉

Do you have any questions or feedback? Please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Questions & Answers

I migrated my templates and documents and Vectornator is asking me to migrate again. What should I do?

Click on "Don't ask me again"

Can I delete the old Vectornator?

Once you download the new Vectornator and migrated your files and templates, then you can delete the old Vectornator.

I have 2 Vectornator versions on my Mac. Which one is the new one?

The one with the rounded rectangle icon is the newer one.