Illustration-oriented features

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Pen Tool

Every powerful design tool has a Pen tool at its core. With Vectornator, you can effortlessly create complex and detailed paths thanks to our reliable Pen tool workflow.
Pen gesture support
Node types
Path options
Node tool

Desktop Level Precision

With Vectornator, We crafted a set of features that help you design more precisely with your finger. It lets you achieve a desktop level of precision on your iPad or iPhone, Without the need of your mouse.
Precision Sliders
Global keypad input
Streamlined Interface
Magic Canvas


The fact is, Most professional illustrators rely on a drawing tablet to achieve their high level of work. Whether you prefer a keyboard and mouse, a digital pencil, a touchscreen or a drawing tablet to create your design, Vectornator supports all the forms of input that you need on both desktop and mobile platforms.
Apple Pencil Support
Wacom Slate Support
Wacom Pencil Support
Keyboard Shortcuts
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