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What are the supported formats for Vectornator?

Vectornator supports a variety of different file formats!

You can import, open, and edit the following file types in Vectornator: .vectornator, .fig, .svg, .pdf and .ai.

Raster images like .jpeg and .png can be imported and opened inside Vectornator. You can also turn them into vector shapes using the Auto Trace feature.

You can also use Vectornator to edit Wacom files generated using the Bamboo Slate.

You can also export files from Vectornator in the following formats:

Non-Vector file formats:

  • .JPG – Good for web images and photographs.
  • .PNG – Good for images with transparency.

Editable Vector file formats:

  • .vectornator - Vectornator's standard file format.
  • .SVG – Good for vector files, designs with separate layers, icons, and logos.
  • .AI - You can also use the Send to Adobe Illustrator function to directly send your document to your desktop Adobe Illustrator software.
  • .PDF - Good for fillable forms, posters, or other print materials.

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Can I sync my Vectornator work to iCloud?

Starting with Vectornator 4.4, it's possible to sync your documents across different devices with iCloud.

Read More on our Learning Hub ->

You can also import and export from/to iCloud Drive from all of your devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac). Simply tap on Export > Files > iCloud or Save in your iCloud folder from Mac.

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How do I use Vectornator?

Visit our Learning Hub to learn everything about Vectornator.

Also, we introduced the in-app part of our Learning Hub: a Help Tooltip, that you can activate by simply long-press on any element inside Vectornator.

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How do I update Vectornator?

To update Vectornator, open the App Store and tap on your profile picture in the top right to access your Account menu. You’ll see a list of updates available. Tap the Update button next to Vectornator to update the app.

If you're not sure whether your app is up to date, open your copy of Vectornator and, go over the Settings Tab to view your version number.

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How do I download Vectornator?

If you are on an iPhone or an iPad, Vectornator is available to download on the App Store. If you are on a Mac, Vectornator is on the Mac App Store.

In the Store, search for "Vectornator", then tap or click the "Get" button. Vectornator is completely free and the download will start immediately. Once the app is downloaded, you can access it from your Apps folder.

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Is Vectornator free?

Yes, all the versions of Vectornator (iPhone, iPad and Mac) are free. No additional cost is hidden. Enjoy using it!

At the moment we’re focused on building our product and looking for your feedback and we are backed by amazing investors who believe in us. Of course, we will explore ways to earn revenue in the future and once we do, we will stay transparent with our community and share more details early on.

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What's the latest version of Vectornator?

The current version of Vectornator for iPad and iPhone is 4.10.0 and It requires iOS 14.0 or newer to install. Compatible with iPod Touch too.

The current version of Vectornator for Mac is 4.10.0 and It requires macOS 11 Big Sur or newer to install.

Read more in the Release Notes.

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What is the minimum OS version I need to run Vectornator?

The minimum OS versions that Vectornator supports are:

  • iOS 14.0
  • macOS 11.0 Big Sur

Read more here -> 

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