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Why Choose Vectornator?

Why Choose Vectornator?

There are lots of graphic design programs out there. So why should you choose Vectornator over a different program?

Jaye Kang for Vectornator 4.0

There are lots of graphic design programs out there. So why should you choose Vectornator over a different program? By the end of this article, we'll show you why many designers (beginners and professionals) are choosing to switch to Vectornator.

Let's go over some of the features that set Vectornator apart from other platforms.

A Vector-Based Tool

Let's be clear here - if you're a graphic designer, you need to be working with Vectors.

Why? Let's lay it out:

  • Vectors make your projects optimized for the digital world.
  • They are infinitely scalable and infinitely re-colorable.
  • They make your files take up much less space.

In short, vectors are awesome.

Vectornator is the perfect tool for using vectors. Our tools are optimized to help you create and manipulate vector objects quickly and easily.

You can create vector objects in Vectornator with:

Build shapes point by point with lines and Bezier curves.

Art by @tsevis

Create triangles, squares, polygons, stars, and more.

Paint vector shapes just like you would with a real brush.

Draw smooth vector lines just like using a pencil on paper.

Vectornator Looks and Feels Like Native Apple

If you're designing in the Apple ecosystem (and let's face it, most professional designers are) then you need a vector-based design tool that's available on your Apple devices.

But we've all had that experience of opening an app and being confronted with a UI that is completely different from the UI of the Apple device you're using. It feels jarring, like writing with your non-dominant hand.

Thankfully, you won't experience that with Vectornator.

We've designed Vectornator from the ground up to look and feel like a native Apple product. So whether you open the application on your Mac or iPad, you won't notice the difference between your macOS UI and the Vectornator interface. It feels like picking up your favorite pen.

Vectornator is available on all of your Apple devices, including Mac, iPad, and iPhone. And we even just recently released a collection of Apple Watch faces containing amazing artwork made with Vectornator - so even your Apple Watch can join the Vectornator family!

Vectornator Watch Face - Try them on your Watch!

Designing For the Future

In the future, we expect that the lines between tablet, laptop, and desktop devices will continue to blur, and design will become more and more mobile.

We built our latest iteration of Vectornator to take full advantage of the new M1 Silicon chip from Apple, and it paid off. Our platform is blazing-fast on M1 Macs, and we're confident that the technology will only improve from here on out.


We believe that designers should be able to work wherever they want, so we've tried to make it as easy as possible for designers to work on their designs across all their devices. Vectornator is available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and we've designed our UI so that you won't need to relearn how to use the tool when you switch platforms. Learn once, and you're set.

This is also why we've added so many supported import formats to Vectornator as well: We know that most designers use more than one tool to finish their projects, so we wanted to make that process as seamless and painless as possible for our users.

Intuitive Accessibility Without Sacrificing Power

Vectornator is designed to be easy to understand and quick to learn. But it doesn't sacrifice power to get there.

Most other graphic design programs have an incredibly steep learning curve, and it's almost impossible to use the tool without watching hours and hours of YouTube tutorials.

But with Vectornator, you only need a short introduction to learn the basics.

From there, the tool grows along with your skill, offering you more options as you understand it better. If there's ever a feature you don't understand or want to know more about, you can just long press on the feature, and a tooltip will open to give you a short description and direct you to the appropriate section of our Learning Hub for a more detailed explanation

Vectornator is the perfect design tool for beginner and professional graphic designers.

Try out the design tool of the future for yourself!

Download the PDF version here.
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