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How to use Procreate & Vectornator together

How to use Procreate & Vectornator together

It’s no secret that the Vectornator community, including the Vectornator team, are in love with Procreate. It allows you to create expressive sketches, amazing illustrations, and beautiful drawings, just as easy as putting pen on paper. In this tutorial, we will look at different ways that you can use the Procreate App, and how you can transform your Procreate work into high-quality vectors.

We showed you just how easy it is to get started with Procreate in this article on our Blog but now we want to take a step further.

What happens next and how you can take your workflow from raster graphics to vector graphics? While a lot of artists and designers stop at Procreate, there are many who take their sketch or illustration to a vector based app in order to finalize their project.

What Do You Need?

The dream team: an iPad paired with an Apple Pencil, Procreate and Vectornator installed.

Those 2 tools are only available on Apple devices, which is important to be aware of before diving into this tutorial. But this comes with a great advantage; the apps feels completely native, and are therefore very intuitive to use.

How to Vectorize Your Designs

Let’s start with the why. Why would you want to vectorize your raster designs created in Procreate?

To answer this question, let’s look at the difference between pixel graphics and vectors. More precisely, we’re talking about editability, quality, and even the size of your file.

Vectors always look sharp even when blown up to a large size, and they are endlessly editable with just a few clicks. You can easily change the shape of any object, and it will look crisp at whatever level of zoom you’re in. Vectors are the perfect vehicle for so many design projects like logos, print media, typography, large scale illustrations, icons, and so on.

A raster graphic, one the other hand, is made up of a limited number of pixels, which can means that your artwork might look blurry at larger sizes.

A Procreate file will always be a pixel-based raster graphic, while a vector software like Vectornator will generate a vector file.

Vectornator is also a software specifically designed for Apple devices. It has a native Apple look and feel, which makes it easy to dive into and use straight away. And unlike Procreate, it’s available on Mac as well, which some designers prefer.

So how exactly do these two apps work together, and why are they a match made in heaven? 

1. Creating Your Own Typeface

Let’s say you want to create a custom font. You can start sketching your characters in Procreate to define them individually: What the ascenders and descenders look like, whether they have serifs or not, and so on. 

After you’ve achieved the shape that you want, import the file into Vectornator to turn it into a vector. While Vectornator does have an Auto Trace feature, we suggest you use the Pen or Pencil tool for projects like this, because they give you more control when designing.

Below is a detailed video on how this design process looks like.

2. Designing a Logo

The same applies for a logo. Let’s say you get a brilliant idea and you want to jot it down quickly. Use Procreate for that. Now that you’ve visualized your idea, you can materialize it in Vectornator. This is when you clean up all your messy lines and create crisp shapes.

Check out the video below to learn how you can do this. Since the previous video explained the Pen Tool in more detail, this one focuses on the Shape and Pencil Tool.

We hope you enjoyed learning how to use this amazing drawing app with us. But most importantly, we hope that we shared some valuable insights on how to take your creative process further with vector graphics in Vectornator, which you can download here.

As usual, we cannot wait to see what you guys create! Tag us on Instagram to get your vector artwork featured!

Download the PDF version here.
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