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February 11, 2021
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How To Create and Sell Watercolor Clipart

Learn how to use Vectornator to create stunning watercolor art

Clipart is a great resource for designers and artists alike. But have you ever thought about creating and selling your own? In today's blog, we'll teach you how to create your own clipart pieces using Vectornator and get them ready for sale online.

February 11, 2021
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watercolor clipart

What Is Watercolor Clipart?

Clipart was originally simple, usually small images that were added to documents in software such Microsoft Word. This has dramatically changed. Now digital clipart can refer to all kinds of beautiful art snippets that are used in anything from logos, posters, and infographics to logos, invitations and, still, documents.

Watercolor clipart is digital clipart that is created with watercolor paints or created in a digital program to mimic watercolor paints. 1000’s of watercolor clipart packs sell every single day on marketplaces like Etsy and Creative Market.

Watercolor clipart created with real pens and brushes, using photography or scanning is known as the highest quality clipart pieces on the marketplaces.  If you love fountain pens, watercolor brushes, and have a keen eye for editing, there is tons of opportunity in this space, especially with a vector tool Vectornator.


Vectornator has lots of tools and some fantastic features that give you an extraordinary number of options to make your artwork unique. 

david milan
Art by David Milan

One such feature is the app’s ability to manipulate your image as a vector which is perfect for importing your watercolor art and digitizing it to be sellable clipart. There are also tons of editing options and brushes you can add to the piece for a border or lettering over or above your artwork.

Vectornator has functionality and ease of use at its core. It even features its own app available on iPad and iPhone so you can work on the go.

How To Digitize Your Watercolor Art In Vectornator.

Vectornator makes digitizing watercolor pieces really easy. The first step is importing a photo of a watercolor art piece that you or another person have created.  This can be done simply by taking a photograph of the artwork or placing it in a scanner and scanning the piece onto the computer.  Once it is scanned, you can import it directly into Vectornator and transform it!  Even better, Vectornator allows importing for any photo or painting for digitizing, so we can just use an image from Unsplash.com to begin with.

watercolor clipart

To get started with digitizing our watercolor art, open a photo on Vectornator and click the padlock icon to the right of the default layer.  This will unlock the default layer. Select the paintbrush tool and click anywhere on the photo, and hit the Auto Trace button.

watercolor clipart

Once you are on Auto Trace, you have all kinds of options to tweak and perfect your watercolor artwork.  We chose to go more abstract to bring out the watercolor!

watercolor clipart

Where to Sell Your Watercolor Clipart.

There are many places on the internet to sell clipart, but not all are appropriate for specific clipart. Therefore, it is worth doing your research to find the right places. Two marketplaces that are good platforms for watercolor, are Etsy and Creative Market

Both platforms are quite similar in that they let you set up a shop space to showcase your art and have a wide audience reach. However, when it comes to selling your art, they have very different approaches. 

Etsy leaves the final sale, customer communication, and shipping down to you. This gives you a more personalized approach to each communication and shipment. 

Creative Market takes the stress and time-consuming nature of communication and logistics away from you, giving you peace of mind that no communication or order gets missed. Additionally, Creative Market also lets you view and analyze sales stats, so it's a better platform than Etsy if you're wanting to make more informed business decisions. 

etsy creative market

How To Make Money from Your Clipart. 

For something to sell, and sell well, there needs to be demand for it. Therefore, to make money from your art, you need to conduct research and look for trends. This will ensure you create the type of watercolor clipart that potential customers want. 

It is also worth remembering that your clipart must have a function for it to sell. Consider what people would, and could, use your artwork for.

An organized and well thought out portfolio will also ensure that you stand out from your competitors by making it easy for customers to find what they want.

Finally, if you do not do any marketing nobody will know you exist. Having an online presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest will help to increase online presence. These platforms also enable you to engage and share content with people and grow a following.  

Do a bit of experimentation to find what works for you and try new ways to promote yourself. For example, creating and sharing tutorials about your processes or top tips would help you make a name for yourself as an expert in your field. It would also give you a new platform to showcase your talents.


If you want to make money from selling your watercolor clipart you need to create the right kind of art that people will want to buy. If you only paint to please yourself, it is unlikely you will be successful at making lots of money from your watercolor clipart.

Once you know what people want, take a bit of time to decide and experiment with how you want to market yourself.

As your business keeps expanding, do not be afraid to take stock and review how things are going. After all, if selling watercolor clipart is your full-time job, you will want to keep on enjoying what you do.

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