VIP — Vector Important Principles

Something that characterizes a vector-based design tool — from a raster one — is definitely that you can create and edit, and edit again existing shapes by modifying their points and paths.

Today we want to take an in-depth look at the Vectornator’s editing basics.

Most of our users define Vectornator an easy-to-use vector graphics software so let’s discover together the hidden secrets of our graphic design software.

Creating a path

There are four different tools to help you create a path depending on your need: the Pen, the Pencil, the Brush, and the Shape Tool.

creating a path

All the tools are on the left side of the Vectornator’s UI inside the Action Bar.

Selecting Anchor Points

All lines or shapes in a vector-based software are made up of points connected by paths, which make up the outlines of a shape. In Vectornator is super easy to select and edit those points to modify and polish your design.

By selecting the Node Tool, you will be able to show on those Anchor Points. Then, tap on them, tap-and-drag an area or activate the Multi Selection Tool to select more than one point.

selecting anchor points

Ill. by @lamaartlab

Moving Anchor Points

Any point you select, you can move it around by dragging it, moving the Mini Joystick you find at the bottom right of your canvas or changing the XY coordinates from the Arrange Tab.

When dragging a point around, you may see the Smart Guides appear which allows you to align that point to other points, edges, grid or your personal Guides.

moving anchor points

Editing Anchor Points

As soon as you select one anchor point, in the Style Tab it will appear a specif panel to edit the Node Types without having to use gestures.

editing anchor points

You can choose by Straight, Mirrored, Disconnected and Asymmetric type of Nodes.

In case you missed our latest Tips and Tricks article about the Masking Tool, go to take a look!

The illustration used as an example for this tutorial is from @lamaartlab.

– Your Vectornator Team

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