Vectornator - Yearly Wrap-up

2018 was an amazing year for us! We had the chance to revolutionize the way how you design and made one of the best vector graphics app free of charge. We cannot thank you enough for all the positive feedback you gave us.

Where Did We Come From?

At the end of 2017, Vectornator had a completely different look, which most of you probably never saw. In the screenshot below you can see how Vectornator 1.2 looked. While it was a great app, we knew we could make it a lot better.

Vectornator 1.2

This year our focus was to change our interface to make it easier to use and faster to work with. After many iterations with feedback from reviews, our platform Fider and emails from you we ended up with an app that was not only radically different but also a lot better.

Here’s some highlights on what features we tackled this year:

  • A new rendering engine, which brought live rendering to mobile devices
  • An integration with Icons8, which made it easy for everyone to design
  • Importing of PDFs, which made integrating with other apps a breeze
  • More intuitive tool behavior
Vectornator 2018 Version 1.9

In the middle of the year we noticed that Vectornator 2018 is becoming more and more similar to a desktop app, which is best to be used with a mouse and keyboard. That just felt wrong!

This is when we decided to rethink the user interface from the ground up. For months we have been working on a complete redesign and finally released it in November. We have received amazing feedback from you and couldn’t be happier about this decision.

Vectornator 2018 in use

Who Makes a Paid App Completely Free?

In the first half of the year we made Vectornator free and it was one of our best decisions yet. A lot of people asked us what we were doing or if we decided to stop working on Vectornator completely.

As you know now that was not the case and we delivered more updates than ever before.

We simply want to focus on making a great product that everybody loves!

That wouldn’t have been possible with a paid product. Thanks to our investors who share our vision we are completely financed for a long time to come and only need to focus on the one thing we care about - Vectornator 2018.

Our Vision

At Linearity we strongly believe that the iPad will be the future. With every release of a new iPad we’re amazed by the capabilities that arise with every iteration. Especially the brand new 2018 iPad Pro is amazing and we are confident that it soon will replace your computer completely. That’s why we’re working very hard on closing the gap between desktop graphics design software and iPad apps. It won’t be long anymore, we are sure about that.

We Never Stop

This was just the beginning and for 2019 we have some even bigger features to unveil. We don’t want to disclose too much so we decided to tease you just a little. The text tool will change radically and we will focus a lot on making Vectornator the place to design interfaces. That’s just two things from a long list 🤯, so be sure to follow along the journey so you don’t miss what’s yet to come!


Thank you

This all wouldn't have been possible without you, our users and your amazing feedback!

We wish you a happy new year and cannot wait to see what you create with Vectornator in 2019.

- Vectornator Team

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Vladimir Danila

Vladimir Danila

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