Vectornator X5.2

Vectornator X5.2

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Hey Vectornators,

as we promised in our X5 release we take it as our main goal to make Vectornator as stable, reliable and easy to use as possible.

As we are a small team, improving and polishing finer details takes a lot of time and we said that we will do this in small steps over the course of the next months. Today is one of those days when we release the second polishing update.

This is a leap update.

Let’s jump in and see what’s changed:


• Fixes Cap-and-Join buttons

• Fixes Node tool deselecting nodes

• Fixes a selection tool bug

• Fixes crash when selecting objects on particular document

• Zoom level has now a minimum of 1%

• Fixes transforming shapes when flipping

• Nodes are automatically deselected when switching from direct selection tool

• Fixes swiping on the inspector

• Improved undo for text related actions

• Many bugs fixed


• Selecting objects is faster


• Improve Italian


• Fixes crash


• Fixes documents not opening when a font is missing

• Opens duplicated document after duplicating the original


• Fixes memory exceptions

• Localization is working properly now

• Data is fetched less frequently to prevent server load

• Date format is properly localized

What's next?

If there’s something that you think we could do better, let us know and we will try to implement it as soon as possible. Our Feedback Page is always open to accepting your wishes or you can contact us via email.

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