Introducing Vectornator X4

Introducing Vectornator X4

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Today we’re thrilled to announce that Vectornator X4 is finally out.

Our vision is to connect with designers and revolutionize the way people design all over the world. Thanks to our devoted community, that vision has never been closer to reality.

Your feedback drives us to iterate, improve and strive for the best and with Vectornator X4, we made sure that our users' feedback and requests are heard loud and clear.

With this release, we’re bringing you highly requested features and major improvements that you’ve always been asking for.

Our team cannot wait for you to experience the new update that we have worked tirelessly on, without further ado, let’s get into the new features!

New Features

Vectornator X4 is packed with brand new powerful features like the new Brushes Engine, unlimited Undo History for your documents, Sketch Import, Time-Lapse video export, Unsplash Integration, and many more improvements.


Our team was set on a mission to reimagine the Vectornator Brush Tool from the ground up. Starting with a faster, smoother, and more powerful engine that we built from scratch. Now, you’ll be able to customize your brushes using the brand-new Brush Editor.

We think that the new Brushes will be a great companion to all the illustrators and lettering artists who want to create complex brush strokes in their designs. However, as we launch a feature as big and complex as Brushes, we expect to receive a lot of feedback from you to improve the first iteration of this feature and fix any issues that occur. We can’t wait to see what you can create with the new Brushes!

Unlimited Undo History

We had to re-think the entire process history of your work in Vectornator. Now, you will be able to infinitely undo your actions all the way to the blank canvas that you started with… even after closing a document.

YES, redo are now saved, so you could always restore a previous stroke even if you received your Vectornator file from your colleague.

Time-Lapse Export

As designers ourselves, we wanted to capture the deep creation process that goes into our art without the “interface” noise. Our first focus was to ensure that Time-Lapse induces no workload on the device memory, CPU or draining any extra battery and that the creation experience or performance won’t be affected.

And, during our infinite Zoom calls, we finally found a magical solution. Starting today, you can finally export your project process into a Time-Lapse video, share it online or with a client, just in a few simple taps!

Sketch Import

We want to make your lives easier, not harder. And we know that most of you designers own a lot of precious Sketch files that are sitting still on your desktop.

Today, we bring a full-fledged Sketch Importer to Vectornator, allowing you to use your favorite design tools together and multiply their power by simply drag & drop them into each other. Now you can open and edit your Sketch files effortlessly on your iPad, Mac or even on the iPhone!

Unsplash Integration

Every one of us has experienced a frustrating day of painstakingly search and manually download and re-upload images into our project. That’s why we decided to put an end to this with the newest Unsplash Integration.

Easily drag & drop one of the millions of free to use images that Unsplash offers and you’ll be set!

Help Tooltips

Last June we launched our new Learning Hub and now is the right time to introduce you to the in-app part of our Learning Hub.

Now, by long-pressing on any element inside Vectornator you’ll get a help tooltip dedicated to explaining that exact element followed by a link to our online Learning Hub for more information. Over are the days when you had to try out every function and be confused how some features work.

Other Improvements

Artboard Improvements

We added a brand new way to draw and create a new artboard. Now, when you tap or click on the new artboard button you are greeted with 3 options.

You can either choose from one of our document templates, tap on a blank space to create a new artboard with the same dimensions as your first artboard or tap and drag to freely draw an artboard with a custom dimension.

Object Dimensions

You can now control the dimensions of any objects in your document. A new dimension indicator will appear below every selected object. Also when you rotate any shape, it will indicate the rotation degree.

We have added two new buttons inside the Settings Tab as Show Guides to easily hide or show the guides on your canvas, and Canvas Rotation to lock the rotation while zooming in & out with your fingers.

We have also added a few more keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work especially on Mac when duplicating objects, the famous CMD+D is finally here! You can check them all in the Vectornator Shortcut list.

Download the Update Now!

The Update version you find in the App Store is 3.4.0 and higher.

Thank you for being part of our community,

– The Vectornator Team

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