Vectornator Update: X3

Vectornator Update: X3

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Our vision is to revolutionize the way people design all over the world. At Vectornator, we always strive towards making an innovative tool with the highest quality performance features. A huge part of that is listening to your feedback. That’s why our team has been working day and night for the past several months to make sure we deliver on those values with our newest update.

Ten years ago, Steve Jobs took the stage to announce the iPad. Ever since its reveal, it has redefined the way we interact with technology. In 2017, we started a journey to create a world class graphic design software for the iPad. Today, we are reaching a new milestone in our journey to disrupt graphic design and reimagine what can be achieved with an iPad. There is no better time to announce our newest update than on the exact 10 Year Anniversary of when the first iPad was sold.  

Today, we are proud to announce the release of Vectornator X3, the UX update. We are bringing a full desktop experience to the iPad. And by that we really mean a full desktop experience. The way we design will never be the same again. Just like the iPad in 2010, the X3 is going to be a game changer.

The User-Experience Update


We have always prioritized ensuring that our users have the best in-app experience.  Having an intuitive UX has been critical to that goal. We always go the extra-mile in order to facilitate the design process. In the past, we have implemented features based on our Levitation Design philosophy such as a floating artboard aesthetics, streamlined tab switch capability and many more that empower a smoother overall experience. With this X3 update, we are expanding further on that track-record and adding even more highly requested features in the UX department!

We are excited to announce incredible additions like a Redesigned UI, Cursor Support, Themes and even Augmented Reality features! We can not wait for you to try this major, feature-packed update. On top of all of that, X3 includes a large number of Improvements & Bug Fixes aimed at truly elevating and improving the user experience.

🔍 New Features:

Redesigned UI

Our revamped interface enables Canvas Space Maximization. We’ve drastically lowered the amount of space occupied by the Interface. We wanted to shift focus from the buttons back into the design space. By allowing users more space to see and work on the canvas, there is a larger playground for creativity. Now, with the freed-up canvas, users can deep dive into their designs without any obstruction.

Light Theme

Our traditional Dark Themed UI has a companion. Users now have the ability to choose what suits them best when designing. X3 aims to eliminate negative afterimage experiences for users working in well-lit environments. By enabling more comfort for the users’ photoreceptors, being able to work for long durations within Vectornator will be more seamless and without strain. To change the Theme, open Settings. Then, go to Canvas Tab and click on Choose The Theme. Select from the options menu of 1) Use System 2) Always Dark and 3) Always Light.

Cursor Support on iPadOS

Now with X3, users can enjoy a full desktop experience on their iPads. It’s easier than ever to connect any Bluetooth mouse and start making incredible designs just like you would on the Mac. It’s also enabled for text alignment and handles pointer interaction on all shape tools. With this implementation, users are now equipped for end-to-end design creation all within the iPad. This has never been possible before.

Augmented Reality

This advanced feature allows users to be able to see their designs in AR. The game changing AR capability adds incredible depth and immersion to our software. X3 brings a new level of sophistication and with it, endless possibilities for designers everywhere. For instance, users can virtually place their posters on a wall and evaluate their work before finalizing it. Unlike other tools, AR in Vectornator is not cumbersome in terms of finding and using the feature.

Simply go to the Export Panel, then select More, and click on AR View and witness the most natural-feeling AR experience in the industry.

Moving elements between Artboards

Designing has never felt smoother. The ability to move elements from one artboard to another is a critical part in the process of making illustration of iterating on UI.

Simply select the element on the given Artboard. Then, open and navigate the Layers Tab. Finally, drag & drop from Artboard 1 to Artboard 2 to speed up your workflow.

💯 Improvements:

‍Enhanced Rulers and Smart Guides

With this enhancement, both Rulers & Smart Guides operate more smoothly and allow for better accuracy. Rulers which are attached to each individual artboard remain fixed in their exact location. On top of that, they adjust accordingly and scale up and down as you zoom.

Additionally, unlike X2, this X3 update has implemented handles. Smart Guide handling has been improved significantly. To add a guide, users can intuitively tap on the Ruler and drag it to set the Guide. The helpful blue colored lines will become visible which will guide you in your design. To delete, simply swipe and drop the Smart Guide outside the canvas. Thanks to these improvements, users will have an easier time designing overall.

News Section

Get access to all the most recent news updates, tutorials and articles in real-time. All of this curated content can be viewed right through the app. This section has been completely updated and synced with the official Vectornator Blog. Now, you can simply tap on a tutorial, read about it within the app and try it out for yourself by following the steps all within one place. This will be an unprecedented learning oriented experience for users.

Improved Layers Management

The ability to copy and paste Layers as well as select and duplicate multiple Layers at once is now possible. This infinitely facilitates the design process and makes it more hassle-free. Users can quickly copy and paste elements they like or duplicate several layers at once and optimize for speed and effort when designing.

🛠 Bug Fixes:

Animation Error

A reported bug regarding the top left part of the screen constantly animating has been fixed. User workflow will no longer be impacted by this distraction.

Layer Edit Mode

It was brought to our attention that certain Layer Edit Mode functions such as Mass Delete were not working. These functions are now operational and work as intended.

Auto Trace

This feature is significantly more reliable now. X3 makes things easier for users by improving the process of automating manual tracing. Now, when a new image is imported, Vectornator will automatically suggest to trace it for the user with a single tap.

Native Code on macOS

Saving on the Mac is now done using native code and no longer with our iOS codebase. Improved iOS and macOS compatibility leads to an even more seamless and integrated way to work across Apple’s platforms.

Download the Update Now!

Thank you for reading our Vectornator X3 Update announcement. We are excited for you to try all of these features and experience a new Vectornator.

Please feel free to ask questions, give feedback, and share your ideas with us! We are always happy to connect with members of our community.
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