Vectornator X.2 Update

Vectornator X.2 Update

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With Vectornator, we wanted to build an all in one graphic design software that brings a unique and intuitive design experience to your iPad, iPhone, and Mac. Today, with Vectornator X.2, our graphic design software takes a major upgrade in the precision department.We listened to all your feedback and we are excited to announce all the great features that are coming in today's update.

The Precision Update

We always cared about bringing accuracy to the design process. We implemented a lot of precision-oriented features in the past to ensure that the design experience on the iPad matches its desktop counterpart. Features like a joystick that lets you move objects more accurately, our keypad that lets you input values quickly and many other features like guides, magnifier and snapping.With this update, we are adding more features in the precision department that are highly requested by our users! We are excited to announce isometric grids, individual layer export, the return of rulers and much more in this major, feature-packed update that we cannot wait for you to try.On top of all the precision features, This update includes a large number of bug fixes and major improvements that our team has worked tremendously on that really elevate and improve the user experience.

🔍 New Features:

  • Rulers - Accurately place objects in Vectornator easily in the exact position you want as shown by the Rulers. Building upon our design-leading Levitation based User Interface, the Rulers will come attached to each Artboard. Turn the Rulers On/Off by going to Settings and then Canvas Tab.
  • Isometric Grid - Now it’s easier than ever to create incredible designs with precise dimensions, proportions, and leverage that 3D feel in your work without feeling burdened! Choose the type of Grid you would like to use by going to Settings and then Canvas Tab. To adjust Grid Spacing or Angle, insert the values that suit you and start making path-perfect vector designs much faster.
  • Achievements - Our new achievements system is our latest way to interact with our community. Now, you can go to the new achievements tab in the Vectornator home screen and check out all the cool challenges that you can take on! The achievements also help our users to explore and learn about all the cool features that Vectornator packs and rewards you with our shiny new medals that you can collect and share with your friends on social media. We will update and add exciting achievements with every update, and we are working on some cool rewards to share with you soon! We're excited to see who comes first in collecting all X.2 medals!
  • Individual Layer Export - Leverage seamless and hasslefree export of individual layers from your design work. Be able to isolate any particular layer and use it wherever you please individually. The export options for this game-changer are available in JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF.

💯 Fixes & Improvements:

  • Rewritten Layer Interface - Thanks to this improvement, you will have an easier time designing with paths. With this enhancement, your paths can now even be added to empty layers marking the first time this will be possible! Now, you will also be able to see all the sub-layer elements just by looking at the thumbnails, making it easier to work with complex designs.
  • Increased Undo History - Now there’s no need to panic when you want to backtrack on changes to your design. You will be able to go twice as far back in your undo history compared to before. Retrace up to 600 steps on the iPad Pro and 400 steps on other iOS devices to recover older versions of your work.
  • Guides - Guides are now separated per artboard. They will finally be displayed on the second artboard as well in order to help facilitate your design journey. Plus, you can now double-tap on the Rulers to add new horizontal/vertical Guides.
  • Unified iOS and macOS codebase - Improved iOS and macOS compatibility leads to an even more seamless and integrated way to work across Apple’s platforms. You will not face any issues when opening your files on the iPhone, iPad or Mac or all three together!
  • General localization fixes - Good riddance of issues associated with the localization of your files.
  • Improved Figma Import Support -  A quicker and more efficient importing experience without any lags is now, here.
  • Optimized Copy & Paste - This simple yet crucial functionality has gotten even better.
  • General Performance Improvements - Vectornator as a whole will just work better overall on any of your devices. It’s more reliable and powerful than ever before.
Additionally for iOS:
  • Swap fill and Stroke - This is now available on iOS as well!
Additionally for macOS:
  • Support For User Fonts - Spice up your work by importing your favorite fonts and start designing with amazing typefaces.
  • Updated TouchBar Support - Use the improved shortcuts straight from the TouchBar and experience a new way of designing on Mac.
  • Improved Context Menus -  With more options in the Context Menus, it’s much easier to find exactly what you’re looking to do without needing to look anything up.
🛠 Bug Fixes:
  • Performance & Stability - Goodbye riddance of glitches and lags. These bumps will no longer weigh down your design process.
  • Color Picker - Several fixes in the Color Picker tool will enhance your color selection ability and palette creation.
  • UI Fixes - Many more UI fixes with cropped popovers to make your experience even better.
  • Better Exporting Experience - The previews of the work you want to export in .PDF and .SVG formats will no longer appear blank. Additionally, there will be no unexpected behavior with .PNG size formats where dimensions don’t adjust.

Download the Update Now!

Thank you for reading our Vectornator update announcement, we are excited for you to try this update and we wish you the best of luck in collecting our Achievement Medals!

Please feel free to ask questions, give feedback, and share your ideas with us! We are always happy to connect with members of our community.

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Thank you for being part of our community!

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