Vectornator X

Today is the day.

We were all waiting for it and now we can finally say that Vectornator X is live!

Vectornator X brings new features, new tools, a better user experience, and that’s really what motivates us to improve constantly, listening to you Vectornators!

We’re super proud to release this new huge update because we have worked a lot to give you the best design tool.

But what’s new?

Our main challenge was the Auto Trace.

Paulo from the development team took it upon itself to end this effort. We’re proud to say that he greatly won this challenge!Vectornator X is now the first tool to allows you to vectorize an image with just one tap.

import image
Import the image. Tap the button. Done!

Vladimir, as we always joke calling him the boss, worked also on something that it’s not just essential for UI or Web Designers but also for managing your Pdf or simply have an overview of the before/after of your process: Artboards.

vectornator artboards
Create how many Artboards you want as your App Screens design.

Last but not least, it comes our new redesigned interface.

Ralph, our lead designer, worked together with Ahmed, Vectornator developer, to give you a better experience. We know that you just want that it works and looks cool!

vectornator color palette
An easy swipe down to close the Color Palette
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="800"] Swiping is not just possible on Tinder![/caption]
Magic Canvas disappears when moving your fingers around
How cool is the “Magical Canvas” experience?

They have worked also on the Layer Tab, adding cool new features as Exporting One Single Layer.

Getting Started!

Our main goal with this update is to help you do what you do best — whatever it is.

Vectornator X is now also featured on Product Hunt. Join the discussion here. Also, check out our Prototypr article!

Feel free always to send us feedback and chat with us on our channels: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Spectrum

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